Confessions of the Very First #Zombie Slayer (That I Know Of) by F.J.R. Titchenell #Horror

Book Review

Confessions of the Very First Zombie Slayer (That I know of)- F.J.R. Titchenell

You know me, I love me some zombie books! Especially ones with a twist of dark humour.

I know I should be tired of them by now but I can’t help it. It’s my mission to uncover zombie stories with a unique spin and this one was pretty fun.

Confessions of the Very First Zombie Slayer (That I know Of) Release Date: May 2014

The world is Cassie Fremont’s playground. Her face is on the cover of every newspaper, she has no homework, no curfew, and no credit limit, and she spends her days traveling the country with her friends, including a boy who would flirt with death just to turn her head. Life is just about perfect—except that those newspaper headlines are about her bludgeoning her crush to death with a paintball gun, she has to fight ravenous walking corpses every time she steps outside, and one of her friends is still missing, trapped somewhere in the distant, practically impassable wreckage of Manhattan. Still, Cassie’s an optimist. More prone to hysterical laughter than hysterical tears, she’d rather fight a corpse than be one, and she won’t leave a friend stranded when she can simply take her road trip to impossible new places to find her, even if getting there means admitting to that boy that she might just love him, too. Skillfully blending effective horror with unexpected humor, this diary-format novel is a fast-paced and heartwarming read.

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Confessions of the Very First Zombie Slayer (That I know Of)

My Thoughts…

Can a zombie book be cute? Hell, why not? This one was as funny as it was gory and I had a lot of fun reading it. The protagonist, Cassie, is cute, quirky, and a serious bad ass! A girl after my own heart. She’s always been “one of the guys” until one of said guys, tries to take a bite out of her. Oh the trials of first love lol.

After, a freak paintball accident kills one of her best friends and crush, Cassie needs to use the skill set she’s learned from being an atypical girl to survive the apocalypse. Her and a group of survivors set off on suicidal mission across the country to save one of their nearest and dearest. Along the way, they meet all kinds of survivors (friends and foe) and of course, slays hundreds of zombies. They also face down dangers they could never have imagined and as a result become a close-knit group with Cassie leading the way.

A well-written novel full of humor, thrills, and horror, Confessions of the Very First Zombie Slayer… dispels some of the usual zombie tropes and delivers something a little different. The characters are compelling and the story is as funny as it is scary.  I had a great time with this one and I will defintely continue reading the series.

Rating… B



About the Author

F.J.R. Titchenell

F.J.R. Titchenell is an author of Young Adult, Sci-Fi, and Horror fiction. She is represented by Fran Black of Literary Counsel and lives in San Gabriel, California with her husband, Matt Carter, and their pet king snake, Mica.

Along with Goodreads, you can also find her at Facebook and Twitter.



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