Warm Bodies (2013) Classic #Review #BooktoFilm #Horror #Zombies #ZomRom #Romance

Movie Review

Warm Bodies- Review

Based on the book of the same title by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies is still a favourite of mine.

Now this is the kind of romance I like! As a matter of fact, when this flick was released, hubby took me to see it for our Valentine’s date (Smart man). I have to confess, I’ve never read the book! I know! Bust out the tar and feathers. So, as far as I’m concerned, this was a successful adaptation.

Warm Bodies (Release Date: February 2013)

After a highly unusual zombie saves a still-living girl from an attack, the two form a relationship that sets in motion events that might transform the entire lifeless world.

Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, and John Malkovich

Director:  Jonathan Levine

Rating/ Runtime: PG-13, 1 hr 38


Movie Trailer

My Thoughts…

Like I said, I haven’t read the book, so unfortunately I can’t critique this film based on a comparison to Marion’s book. Which is fine with me, because I wouldn’t want to ruin the movie for myself. Don’t worry, I have every intention of reading the book, especially now that a sequel is in the works (Finally).

Let’s talk about the concept first. Warm Bodies get major bonus points for giving us the POV of a zombie. Showing us something different from your average flesh-eating monsters. Here we are, smack in the middle of the apocalypse, and instead of a hopeless future for mankind, we have the possibility of redemption and the revival of mankind due to hope itself! How poetic is that?

Also, the cast is wonderful! Particularly Nicholas Hoult and his zombie buddy M, played by Rob Corddry. I loved that guy! The chemistry between R and Julie is believable, considering the circumstances and Hoult nails the whole person-trapped-in-a-corpse thing, giving us some laughs and other more empathetic feelings.

As a whole, Warm Bodies is a feel-good (yep, you read that), zombie movie that is entertaining and fun. Of course, as it is a zombie movie, there are a few scares as well. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a go. If you have, it’s been 4 years… time to watch it again!

Rating… B



Isaac Marion- Warm Bodies


13 thoughts on “Warm Bodies (2013) Classic #Review #BooktoFilm #Horror #Zombies #ZomRom #Romance

  1. I love this movie! My sister and I saw it twice in two days at the cinemas when it came out. Thought it took me the second watch to realise it was Romeo and Juliet, lol. So good!
    Did you say a sequel is in the works.

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  2. Oooh, I loved this movie too! I thought it was an interesting concept as well. And, if we’re being honest, I’ve never read the book either. In my defense, I didn’t know it was one until I went…but then just didn’t feel I had to read it. So I feel ya.

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