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Book Review

Dangerous Rock- Crystal Kaswell

Marie reviews new book in the Dangerous Noise series, Dangerous Rock by Krystal Kaswell.

Unfortunately, it seems she didn’t like it as much as she wanted to.

Dangerous Rock- Book #3 of the Dangerous Noise Series (Release Date: March 30, 2017)

I’m married to a rock star.
And I don’t even know his last name.

There’s a tall, tattooed man in my bed.
Not any tall, tattooed man.
He’s a rock star.
A sex god.
And now he’s my husband.
Last night, I married Joel.
It’s ridiculous. I’m a good girl. I don’t get into trouble. I don’t look twice at bad boys.
I can’t stay married to a rock star.
But there’s something about Joel. Not just the way his green eyes light up when he smiles, or the way he makes me laugh, or the way he makes me shake with pleasure–
I’m not sure I can walk away.

Bella Chase is a challenge.
With the tight bun and the cute cardigan, she’s as prim and proper as they come.
My only plan for the night is getting her under me, screaming my name.
Filling her with so much pleasure she begs me to stop.
I didn’t plan on marrying her.
But now that she’s my wife, I’m not about to let her go.

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So, some people like to read smutty books. If you do, then you might like Dangerous Rock: A Dangerous Noise Novel by Crystal Kaswell. Just want to get that out there off the bat, as this book contains a lot of smut.

When I started reading, I was ready for the ride, so to speak; I was willing to accept the wild improbability of the set up, namely that a world famous rock star would marry a stranger he met in a bar, a straight-laced, up-tight college girl who was beautiful but didn’t know it, rocked an awesome body, and furthermore, had no idea who the dude was.

Sometimes you have to strap yourself in to a questionable vehicle, if you know you’re going to like where it takes you, right? And I wanted to love this book. I like rock stars. I like heroines who don’t know they’re hot. I like the whole how-did-we-end-up-having-to-share-a-bed-when-we-don’t-know-each-other-trope. And I like smut, too.

I did not love this book, unfortunately. As I read, I realized that there wasn’t really going to be any character developement, that they were presented as finished, completed beings, with backgrounds that were told to us but not written about, and story elements which seemed to be chosen for current pop culture references (self-harm, nouvelle cuisine) but brought nothing of interest to the table. The author attempted to explain the rock star’s motivation for the quickie, Vegas marriage, but again, it felt artificial. It didn’t help that it seems like no one’s taken an editorial pass at this book. There were myriad grammar and usage errors, not to mention plain old typos. At least I hope they were typos. In this day and age of indie and self-publishing, a reader can let a few things go, but after enough of them show up, you start to feel disrespected.

I also started to feel, after five or six new characters were introduced within a few pages, like I was supposed to know more about them than can be gleaned from the information provided. A little research (after I finished the book, as I didn’t want anything tainting my opinion) proved me right. There are tons of these books out there, about the different band members, about band members in different bands, and their tumultuous, sex-filled lives.

So perhaps it’s reasonable for the author to expect us to know about all those guys and their significant others. Except that I didn’t. And her penchant for not providing tags in her dialogue made it frequently difficult to discern who was speaking, especially when the things they said were so similar and often made no sense.

You’re probably wondering why this book got two stars, when so much complaining has gone on? Well, there are some sweet moments between the two characters, and you do absorb that they really care about each other; there’s even a build-up to a climactic scene at the end regarding whether or not they’re going to stay married, though I didn’t really feel the tension, and I knew the outcome way before I got there. And the author does make an attempt to make the sex scenes important, and not pornographic (not that there’s anything wrong with pornographic sex scenes!).

If you want a fast read with lots of sexy stuff, you’ll probably like this book, and her others as well, it sounds like.

Rating… 2 stars


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