Psychodelic by @WBootHill & @pwkleaver #Review by Theresa #Anthology #Horror #AmReading

Book Review


This collection contains ten horror and speculative fiction stories…

…about everyone’s favorite vices… sex, drugs, and rock and roll!

Psychodelic (Release Date: March 30, 2017)

These stories will take you on a trip. What twisted secrets can be found in the dark lyrics of Rocky Hatch and the Nefarians? What’s that peeping tom really doing outside the window? What terrors lurk in the darkness beyond the local grocery store’s cereal aisle? From Lovecraftian horrors to Evil Dead-style splatter, this collection has it all!

My Thoughts…

If you are into horror, you have come to the right place. These stories are well-written, clever, often gory, and sometimes humorous. The unexpected humor really made this collection enjoyable for me, as well as the detailed and creative descriptions found in many of the tales. There are a couple of plot twists, like at the end of “Palm Razors” or “Bad Trip”. Skillfully written gore appears in “Shredder”, one of my favorite stories, where a band plays their music way too hard. “Ask Your Doctor about a Detox Program that Works for You” is rather gruesome as well. “Cleanup on Aisle 13” is a rather thrilling trip to the grocery store, one you won’t easily forget. “When Your Heart Beats Next to Mine” is a cautionary tale about what can happen to the lonely loser who still lives in his parents’ basement.  

Although this anthology has a thematic thread, the pieces are all rather unique and stand out on their own. Some are violent sketches meant to shock and amaze. Other stories have more complex plots and characterization. As far as the subject matter, there is a variety here. Everything from killers, demons, and aliens are represented, making for a come-one-come-all reading invitation. Warning: this bunch of tales is not for the squeamish; it really packs a horrific punch. Blood, guts, spills, and chills are all there for the taking.

My Rating… B+


8 thoughts on “Psychodelic by @WBootHill & @pwkleaver #Review by Theresa #Anthology #Horror #AmReading

    1. Nope! Totally not! I grew up with classic rock and my all time favourite band is Aerosmith! I’m a 30-something so I still remember when I didn’t shutter every time I turned on the radio lol


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