Launch Party Mega Blitz! #Authors #Writers #Bloggers #AmWriting #BloggersWanted #MediaBlitz


R&R Book Tours is having a kick-off party and you’re all invited!

I wanted to do something special to launch my new venture and what is more perfect than a celebration of our author friends and their creations?

On July 12th (It’s a Wednesday), we’re going to host a COMPLIMENTARY day-long book blitz with promos, excerpts and of course, fab giveaways!

So come join the party!

Here’s a sample of some of the amazing authors we will be hosting:

Angie Dokos: Author of Mackenzie’s Distraction and a really wonderful member of the blogging community. Check out her Blog where she regularly promotes other writers.

Angelina Kerner: Author of several titles including, Seven Hours: Challange Accepted. You can also check her blog Where Dragons Reside.

AK Silversmith: Author of Old Man at the End of the World: Bite 1– a hilarious zombie parody series.

Candace Robinson: Author of  Quincey Wolfe’s Glass Vault and blogger at Literary Dust.

Theresa Braun: Author of Dead Over Heels and other horror, paranormal and romance stories.

If you would like to join this group of talented writers or become a host on the big day, please complete this form and I will happily set it up!




13 thoughts on “Launch Party Mega Blitz! #Authors #Writers #Bloggers #AmWriting #BloggersWanted #MediaBlitz

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      1. Absolutely yes! I just filled out the page, so I’ll host and give a signed book as a gift too 🙂 I’m excited! And, that is so funny!! My brain function was the first thing to go and the last thing to come back with my kids!! My husband even had a little chat with my doctor about it lol apparently he was worried. After the third time I passed my own house without pulling into my own driveway he asked my doctor if I’d, “ever be kind of smart again?” HAHAHA

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      2. Lol! Apparently “Baby Brain” is a scientifically proven thing where a mother’s brain undergoes physiological changes to better care for her offspring. It can last as long as 4 years 🙃

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