#AMREADING: Seven Deadly Wonders By Matthew Reilly #Adventure #TreasureHunting #AncientHistory


Seven Deadly Wonders is the result of dangerous affair between The Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones!

And it’s so much fun! As a busy blogger, it’s not too often that I get to read a book just for me. When I do, and it’s this much fun, I just have to share it with you guys.


Seven Deadly Wonders: Jack West Jr. #1 (Release Date: December 30, 2005)

a legend of the ancient world decrees that every 4,500 years, a terrible solar event will wreak worldwide destruction . . .
But whoever sets the Golden Capstone atop the Great Pyramid at Giza will avert disaster and gain the ultimate prize: a millennium of world dominance.

Now the Sun is turning once again and nation will battle nation to retrieve the missing Capstone . . .
But a group of small nations, led by super-soldier Jack West Jr., bands together to prevent any one country from attaining this frightening power.

Thus the greatest treasure hunt of all time begins — an adrenaline fueled race on a global battlefield.

From the Colossus of Rhodes to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Great Egyptian Pyramid itself, unlock the thrills of Seven Deadly Wonders.

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Sounds good right? I am loving it! It’s the perfect blend of adventure, Black-Ops and history! The author even includes sketches and diagrams, and it makes you feel like you’re involved in the mission! I’m more than half-way through and it’s non-stop thrills! I can’t wait to read more from Matthew Reilly! If you’re a fan of Dan Brown or Clive Cussler, I think you will enjoy this.

What are you reading right now?

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