Who Watched #Riverdale? Raise Your Hands! #TV #Review #Booknista #TheArchies


Well, season 1 of Riverdale ended with a bang and I was not expecting that!

I loved the first season of this show. It’s fun, mysterious, and not what I expected. Though, to be honest, I’m not sure what a comic book adaptation of the Archies would be like. Anyway here is my writeup for my Rants & Raves column on Booknista!

Check it out! Riverdale: Explosive First Season


13 thoughts on “Who Watched #Riverdale? Raise Your Hands! #TV #Review #Booknista #TheArchies

  1. Oh my lord, Riverdale was so good! I think I watched every episode like 3 times, at least. I was a huge fan of Archie’s comics, and CW just amazing, so those two combined are just – PHWOOSH!
    Also your review was really good. 🙂

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      1. Maybe. I think Hiram is the obvious choice but not necessarily Hermione because of her history with Fred. Is she so scared of her husband finding out now that he’s being released? Hmm it’s going to be a long wait lol

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