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This is such a fun book! Disgusting villainous creatures, alternate dimensions, government coverups, Splinters has it all!

Splinters: Book #1 The Prospero Chronicles (Release Date: January 2014/ First Edition)

Under normal circumstances, Ben and Mina would never have had reason to speak to each other. He’s an easy-going people person with a healthy skepticism about the paranormal; she’s a dangerously obsessive monster-hunter with a crippling fear of betrayal. But the small Northern California town of Prospero, with its rich history of cryptic sightings, miracles, and mysterious disappearances, has no normal circumstances to offer.

When Ben’s missing childhood friend, Haley Perkins, stumbles out of Prospero’s surrounding woods and right into her own funeral, Ben and Mina are forced to work together to uncover what happened to her. Different as they are, their unlikely friendship may be the only thing that can save the town, and possibly the world, from its insidious invaders.

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My Thoughts…

While the “monsters” in this book do take on various forms, they are NOT like these adorable things featured above. Try the extreme opposite. They are disgusting, evil, and often featured in your worst nightmares!

In the bizarre town of Propero, these nightmares are real for Ben and Mina, and their plot is the most sinister thing you can imagine (Nah ah, you have to read it ). They are called “Splinters” and no one is safe!

I really loved this book! For a horror fan like myself, it was the perfect blend of suspense, science fiction and scares. I have read Titchenell’s stuff before, so I wasn’t surprised to find it well-written and really original.

Mina is such an interesting character. Her mind works in a completely different way and she brings such a refreshing level of uniqueness to the story. Not only is she smart and a little strange, she is tough as nails! Things start to change when she meets Ben, and I’m really looking forward to her evolution in the next installments.

If you love horror, B-movie style monsters, and your YA on the mature side, then I can’t recommend this one enough. Splinters is a ton of fun!

Rating… A

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About the Authors

F.J.R. Titchenell is an author of Young Adult, Sci-Fi, and Horror fiction. She is represented by Fran Black of Literary Counsel and lives in San Gabriel, California with her husband, Matt Carter, and their pet king snake, Mica.

Matt Carter is an author of Horror, Sci-Fi, and yes even a little bit of Young Adult fiction. Along with his wife and frequent co-author, F.J.R. Titchenell, he is represented by Jennifer Mishler of Literary Counsel and lives in the usually sunny town of San Gabriel, CA.




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