Movie Poster Showdown! #Memes #FridayFun #Cinephiles #Horror

This worked out so well last Friday, that I’ve decided to make it a regular thing!

It was a really fun post! And since I’m still collecting these cool posters (Fan art & Licensed) I figure why not make it a Friday thing! This time the posters are labeled (just run your cursor over the image).

This week’s movie: The Shining

These are AMAZING! Love the minimalist style of the first one! Well I love them all to be honest!

In the interest of this actually being a contest…. I pick D! By far this one is my absolute favourite! The colours, the pop art style, and Helen looking terrified.

What’s you’re favourite?

Have a great weekend friends!

Shanannigans XO

14 thoughts on “Movie Poster Showdown! #Memes #FridayFun #Cinephiles #Horror

  1. For me it’s C, all the way. The twins are such an understated yet SO CREEPY part of the film. Knowing their history makes the walls in the poster all the more unsettling too. So while they’re all fantastic, it’s C that captures the movie (and how it freaks me out!) the best.

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    1. I have a funny/ freaky story for you then. The day after I moved into my last house ( it was a new subdivision in the middle of nowhere) I went out to my cars to get boxes, and there standing at the end of the driveway of the house across from ours, were red headed twin girls! Just staring at me! I swear! I nearly pissed myself lol.

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      1. Soooo I saw the beginning of this comment in my WordPress notifications after you posted it but (honestly) the funny/freaky story part made me nervous to read it! And your comment didn’t disappoint! Aaaaahhh!!! That’s an AMAZING anecdote but I think I’d’ve pissed myself for sure. How creepy!!!! I love it though!

        Also, poor twin girls. Stanley Kubric’s pretty much ruined any set of twins looking at anything ever again :).

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