Something to Tide You Over till You See the Big Screen Version! #WonderWoman #WonderWomanMovie

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Wonder Woman-2009-Movie Review-Reads & Reels

So, I reviewed this one a while back and I loved it! Obviously I can’t wait to see the Wonder Woman movie…

but if you aren’t able to see it this weekend (Wahhhhh) for whatever reason, give this one a try. It was released first and is a fantastic version of Diana AKA Wonder Woman’s origin story. The big screen movie that is KILLING IT btw, is loosely based on the same one!

Warning: This flick may be animated but it is NOT for kids!

Wonder Woman (2009)

On the mystical island of Themyscira, lives a fierce race of Amazon warriors who have raised a powerful daughter named Princess Diana.

The Amazons live in secrecy from the outside world, a gift from Zeus, but when Army fighter pilot Steve Trevor crash-lands into their tropical paradise, the princess competes for the right to become the emissary to the “World of Man” and escorts Trevor back to civilization.

Her transition into the modern world isn’t easy, because when Ares escapes from his Amazonian prison and begins plotting his revenge, Princess Diana is the only person who stands between the god of war, and the destruction of the human race.

Starring: Nathan FillionKeri RusselRosario DawsonAlfred Molina, and Virginia Madsen

Directed By: Lauren Montgomery

Superheroes Anonymous-Lexie Dunne-Wonder Woman- Reads & Reels

My Thoughts…

It’s very violent! Which surprised me. I watch the occasional anime, so it wasn’t because it’s animated. It just wasn’t something I expected from a DC cartoon. Too many Lego movies I guess, but it makes sense. It is about Amazons going to war against gods and monsters. The opening scene was something straight out of 300!

Wonder Woman also boasts a HUGE voice cast. The end result is a well made, well acted, film. Princess Diana may be new to “The World of Man” but she can take care of herself. Not only does she kick ass, she is also intelligent, witty and catches on quickly.

Wonder Woman 2017

So here’s the best part. From what I can glean from the trailers for the new Wonder Woman movie (Now Playing), the Gal Gadot version follows the same storyline, or at least the same origin story. In a way, watching the animated version will wet your taste buds for the live action movie. Awesome!

I really enjoyed it and if you are a fan, I guarantee you will too. It’s currently available on Netflix so watch it and get your inner fangirl or fanboy ready, before watching it on the big screen!

Rating… A


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18 thoughts on “Something to Tide You Over till You See the Big Screen Version! #WonderWoman #WonderWomanMovie

  1. Nice review on this one! I actually didn’t like this animated film but then I haven’t liked an animated DC film since the Bruce Timm days. Mask of the Phantasm if just about my favorite. There’s something about the war-mongering, hyper-violent Wonder Woman that I think misses the mark compared to the empathetic and caring individual we see in the Gal Gadot film, which I absolutely adored. Just saw it yesterday! Wonder Woman is a character who changes a lot with different interpretations in the comics but I thought Gadot nailed it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great review! I’ll have to check this one out. I just saw the new film yesterday and it was really good! 🙂
    I’ve been wanting to check out more of the DC animated movies (I watched The Killing Joke and was just so disappointed with a few of the um . . . liberties they took in it), but I’ve heard good things about some of the others. This one’s definitely going on my to-be-watched list now. 😀

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      1. Yeah they went with the whole romantic storyline thing between Batman and Batgirl which I didn’t like. That’s a good chunk of the movie. Also, I expected The Joker and Batman to have a darker, more epic confrontation. The Joker’s origin story in this one was pretty interesting though.


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