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Good morning my friends and happy Friday! Did this week seem extra long, or is it just me?

Ugh! Seriously, I am beat! Every day this week felt like a Monday, but the weekend is here and so is the nice weather, FINALLY!

You may have noticed a boost in book reviews this week. I’m trying to scale down my TBR pile and also keep up with review requests. So, expect a ton of book reviews this summer! I have been really lucky to receive great books lately, and I look forward to sharing them with you.

Okay, down to business!

This week: Back to the Future (1985)

I love this movie! I love the whole trilogy, though I have to admit, I didn’t quite appreciate the 3rd installment until I reached adulthood. I never get tired of watching them either and I’m thrilled to pit these gorgeous posters against each other.


I think I’m partial to A so far…


Oooh, love D! And F is very whimsical, it’s growing on me.


I love the retro 80’s feel of G. The neon font and all. But…

I think I’m going to go with A! I really love the last one too, as it captures Marty really well, but there’s something about A that I really like. Plus, it has Doc’s famous quote!

The winner is… A

Can’t wait to hear what you guys think! Have a fabulous weekend!

Shanannigans XO

15 thoughts on “Movie Poster Showdown #Friday #Meme #Movies #MovieLovers #BacktotheFuture #MichaelJFox

  1. I agree with Coffee Shop Book Review on this one. While they’re pretty much all awesome, “D” just feels right to me.
    Goodness, though, these movies are great. And, perhaps the most remarkable thing about them, is that they’re all good (at least, in my opinion). So many series are hit and miss for sequels, but BTTF keeps itself consistently awesome from start to finish. I’m genuinely sad that my wife doesn’t like them.

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      1. That’s funny. The second one, albeit still good, has always been my least favorite of the three. Though, now that I think about it, it may have the best ending of the three of them. Love that postal delivery guy. Such a good twist.


  2. rtimmorris

    Fight Club and now Back To The Future? You must know my list of favorite movies!
    Gotta go with E on this one; it’s got that cool retro look without the hard-to-read font (I’m looking at you, G!).
    By the way, my other favorite movies are The Big Lebowski, Vanilla Sky, When Harry Met Sally, and The Royal Tenenbaums…if you want to add any of these to future poster showdowns….

    Liked by 1 person

      1. rtimmorris

        You should! For me, VS is the perfect mix of everything: a love story, a sad story, a bit of science fiction, and a great soundtrack. Plus, I actually enjoyed Tom Cruise’s performance.

        Liked by 1 person

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