#AMREADING: The Chemistry of Death by Rebecca Cantrell @RebeccaCantrell #Books #Blog #Thriller

The Chemistry of Death- Rebecca Cantrell

I love these books! The first “Joe Tesla” novel, The World Beneath was so different, and very entertaining. (Read Review)

Naturally, I was delighted to hear from Rebecca about her latest Joe Tesla novel (Review Coming Soon) but I had book #2 and #3 to read first, which she graciously provided. I’m on book #3, The Chemistry of Death, and so far it’s excellent! This series is proving to be excellent binge reading.

The Chemistry of Death (Release Date: September 1, 2015)

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me…or can they?

In the third thrilling installment of this award-winning series from New York Times bestseller Rebecca Cantrell, tortured genius Joe Tesla is on the trail of a sadistic serial killer who charms his victims into the bowels of the Manhattan subway system–and who holds the keys to Joe’s crippling condition. Can Joe stop the murderous rampage of this silver-tongued killer, or will he become the next victim?

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Doesn’t this sound great? Check out Rebecca’s website for details about these, and other great titles!

Rebecca Cantrell


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