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Wow! What a show! Every time I’m floored by a Netflix Original, I think, “They can’t possibly keep making these AMAZING shows forever right?” 

And then I think, yes they can, and Netflix is going to take over the world! By that I mean, wipe regular TV programing off the map. Of course there have been a few misses but I would say Netflix has had way more hits. And to think, just a few years ago, hubby and I were thinking of cancelling our subscription because we were so tired of the limited library of old movies. Happy to say, I insisted we keep it, and with the exception of a few AMC shows, I watch almost everything on Netflix.

Today, I want to talk about House of Cardspossibly the most frightening and entertaining depiction of American politics to date. Maybe even realistic. (It should be noted, that this is my own opinion/ conspiracy theory, but I’m sure I’m not alone)

House of Cards (2013 – Present)

House of Cards-Kevin Spacey-Robin Wright

Majority House Whip Francis Underwood takes you on a long journey as he exacts his vengeance on those he feels wronged him – that is, his own cabinet members including the President of the United States himself. Dashing, cunning, methodical and vicious, Frank Underwood along with his equally manipulative yet ambiguous wife, Claire take Washington by storm through climbing the hierarchical ladder to power in this Americanized recreation of the BBC series of the same name. (Written by Jacob Oberfrank)

I just finished watching the last season’s final episode, and it ended with Claire looking into the camera and saying “My turn”, promising a whole new direction, story, etc… Such a perfect way to end a season. I don’t want to say more than that because of spoilers, but if you have watched it, then you know what I’m talking about. Next season is going to be killer!

I don’t mind reading the odd political thriller, but truthfully, I find TV dramas like The West Wing incredibly dull. They just don’t do a thing for me. So, when hubby kept lauding this show, I brushed it off as another boring political drama, even though I love Kevin Spacey. However, My husband was bingeing episodes with a vengeance and that made me curious. I was hooked after the first episode!

Kevin Spacey- House of Cards

House of Cards is more than just crooked politicians, rigged elections and backroom deals. Not only is Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright brilliant, there is a revolving door of incredible characters, played by talented actors. And like newer TV shows, no matter how beloved a character is or how big the name, nobody is safe. Spacey walks us through the political process and the halls of congress, with pithy asides directed at the camera, giving the show a unique angle that I love! He is the only one who does it… that is until that last episode. Such a simple thing but so effective!

Another thing about this show, are the eerie parallels to what’s actually going on in the world today. The scary thing, is that some of these things happened before the current administration unleashed their evil plans on the masses (The masses that voted for said administration).

Guys, this show is fantastic! Spacey is at his finest and how refreshing is it to see our beloved Princess Buttercup in a role like this? Seriously, I give House of Cards two thumbs and all of my toes up!


11 thoughts on “House of Cards: A #Netflix Original #HouseofCards #KevinSpacey #RobinWright #Netflix

  1. I don’t find the killing spree the Underwood’s have been on to be “accurate” at all. In fact. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it seems. The first season was the best, with Frank’s secret male lover showing that he did have a soul. Ever since then, the characters have been one-dimensional. All that said, I watched the new season in a day. It is addictive, but I feel like I ate twenty pounds of cotton candy after I watch it. It’s fun going down, but it leaves me a little queasy, thinking I could’ve spent the time better and craving a more substantial meal.


  2. House of Cards is one of my favourite TV shows – up there with Game of Thrones and Homeland. Spacey and Wright are an absolutely incredible duo! This is the show that I binge-watch quicker than any other show. So so so addictive!

    I do miss Kate Mara though…

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