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Book Review

Area 62 by Michael R Martin

This submission is actually one I wanted to review myself, but in the interest of time, Theresa jumped in! Now I really want to read it!

Area 62 (Release Date: November 1, 2014)

When Colin Thurcroft decided to expand his hiking gear business with a retail outlet, the derelict shop close to the centre of his home town seemed ideal. But something truly bizarre happened there nearly forty years ago, and it has left behind some tantalizing clues. As Colin digs deeper, he comes face to face with an international conspiracy beyond his wildest imaginings and the darkest of government secrets. Brought to the very edge of reason, he must challenge his understanding of reality and accept a future within which the human race has little influence.

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My Thoughts…

I went in to this book not knowing what to expect, but found that after hanging in for some of the exposition, it was difficult to put down. The reader, like Thurcroft, is suddenly smack in the middle of a supernatural mystery. Martin tantalizes us with just enough details to keep us on the hook, without spoiling anything or making it too easy to guess how all the pieces fit together. I was absolutely hypnotized by the way some of the characters managed to time travel and communicate with each other from different planes. But that isn’t the end of the spills and chills that Martin cooks up for us. Add some dead bodies piling up along the way and the threat of aliens arriving any minute, and I absolutely had to find out how it all unfolded.

The end definitely hits the mark. Without giving it away, my taste would have been to go a bit darker in the conclusion, but that’s just a personal thing. And, don’t get me wrong, this story is not rainbows and butterflies at the end. It’s a perfect mix of reality and a dash of hope. So, not only will you have taken an adrenaline inducing ride, you won’t feel depressed for days. Now that I think about it, I’m grateful that’s not this reading experience. Bravo, Martin. Oh, and the added bonus? This book is on Kindle Unlimited.

My Rating… A-

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About the Author


Mike has a degree in mechanical engineering and a HND in multimedia.

He has worked as a design engineer, a volunteer IT tutor, a medical records officer and is currently a freelance graphic designer and computer animator.

The aim of his writing is to create imaginative, supernatural thrillers populated by believable characters in realistic settings.

His influences are many, but he draws particular inspiration from the works of Nigel Kneale, H P Lovecraft, R Chetwynd-Hayes, John Wyndham, Stephen King, Philip K Dick, Alan Garner and M R James.

He is the author of Screams in the WoodsArea 6213 Dark Tales and Zombie World.

He lives near Wigan.




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