Eve Brenner Zombie Agent (The Zombie Girl Saga) by A. Giacomi #Review #Horror #Zombies

Eve Brenner Zombie Agent- A. Giacomi

Here we are, part 2 of my series review of The Zombie Girl Saga, by A, Giacomi.

Eve Brenner Zombie Agent (Release Date: February 2015)

In the second installment of The Zombie Girl Saga, Eve teams up with CSIS to find out more about the Azrael Virus coursing through her veins. As she learns about the dangers of the virus, she also learns that there are some advantages to being less than human. Eve is quickly thrown into fieldwork to stop the spread of a virus that is spreading silently on a global level.

She might be the only hope the world has, but she’s running out of time.

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My Thoughts…

Ok, so we pick up with Eve using her new abilities as an Agent for CSIS, actually working with them instead of against them. She tries to embrace her new identity and find purpose in her life.

We also learn what Eve’s friends have been up to in the last two years. There’s actually a ton of stuff, but in the interest of remaining spoiler-free, I won’t divulge more than I have to. Let’s just say, some are coping well and some… not so much.

Zombie Agent takes us on missions around the globe, where agents Brenner and Williams, try to quash zombie outbreaks. All on the down-low. The story continues in a first-person narrative with multiple POVs, but as I mentioned before, I quite like this about the series. There are surprising twists to the Azriel Virus mystery, which takes the story in a different direction. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this but the more I read, the more my opinion changes. How you ask? Well, that’s for part three.

The pace of the story is still quick, the writing still very good, and the gore factor increases. I think I liked the first book just a little bit more but this installment is still very entertaining. It’s not uncommon for a book series to have highs and lows, so I always keep that in mind when reading.

To be continued…

Rating… A

A. Giacomi 


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