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Hello my friends! I hope everyone’s had a fabulous week. Sorry I didn’t do this last Friday, life had other plans for me.

So, this happened last week, but I just have to share. I saw QUEEN!!!!! Can you frikin believe it? Seriously, one of the best concerts, I’ve ever been to and thanks to my amazing uncle, we were practically sitting on the stage! Obviously, Freddie was sadly missed but Adam Lambert is pretty spectacular, and he is quick to share that he is a fan too, happy to bring Queen’s songs to life once again (Not a replacement). Brian May and Roger Taylor are EPIC! I got goosebumps hearing them perform. They also included Freddie in a few songs via video. I kid you not, people were in tears! Sorry, I’m gushing but it was a bucket list experience!

This week, not so exciting. Binge reading a zombie series, lots of crappy weather, and I broke a toe. Yeahhh, aside from my reading, it hasn’t been the best week. But, it is Friday, so I hope the weather improves and I can shake off this week with a few glasses (bottles) of wine 😉

And now to the showdown!

This Week: The Goonies (1985)


Such a beloved movie from my childhood.


D is doing nothing for me but I do like E.


Ha ha ha! Oh Chunk!



I really like the newspaper poster but I think I am going to go with poster A. It has the classic 80’s feel and it’s visually interesting. What do you guys think?


Shanannigans XO

14 thoughts on “Movie Poster Showdown #TheGoonies #Meme #Friday #80s #Adventure #WeeklyRecap

  1. Wow! Queen! That would have been so epic!
    And, OMG! Goonies is literally my favorite movie ever! I used to watch this all the time with my dad growing up, like, literally nearly every weekend and it’s still my favorite movie! I had the biggest crushes on Sean Astin and Corey Feldman, lol I still watch it quite often. Can’t wait till my son is a bit older. 🙂
    I like C btw 🙂


  2. I love Queen! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Sorry to hear about your broken toe. 😦 Ouch! Hopefully it heals quickly.
    And omg, yay, The Goonies!! 😀 My fave posters would have to be A, H, and I (because who can resist the truffle shuffle??) lol

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  3. There is NOTHING like a live concert experience! And to have seen icons like Queen?!? WOW. I’m so happy for you! I’ve always felt like music is just better live. The whole night sounds magnificent. Yay! What an amazing memory :). (Also, incidentally, my Grandma will be super jealous of you too. She’s 93 years old and has loved Adam Lambert since ‘American Idol.’ We’re talking like hardcore fan; it’s cute.)
    As far as the movie posters go, I have to go with D. I know it didn’t do much for you but I think the simplicity of the treasure map design (while also being thematically on point for the film) is what’s pulling me to that one.

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  4. Queen is an amazing band, even without Freddy Mercury (although, he made it extra-special). I agree with your choice of movie poster, too. A is very good. I liked B quite a bit, too, but it’s missing the energy that some of the other ones had. Goonies is a great movie. I saw it when it came out and, years later, saw it with my kids. They were very into it!

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  5. Wow what an experience seeing Queen! I used to have their albums when I was in high school. Freddy Mercury was such a great performer, I’m sure he was missed onstage, but that’s great they could include him through video. As for the posters, I like A, B or C. Have a great weekend!

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