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Blog Fatigue, writer’s block, lack of motivation…

whatever you want to call it, I’m tired! And I wonder if it is just me?

Maybe because it has been a difficult summer for my family, or maybe because it has been well over a year since I started Reads & Reels, who knows but I have slipped into a funk when it comes to writing. I have put a considerable dent in my TBR which is great, but I still have the “Closed” sign in the window when it comes to accepting new submissions and I am definitely dragging my heels about writing reviews.

It’s not writer’s block per say, because I have no problem writing. It’s more like a serious lack of motivation and creativity. As a result, my numbers are slipping. I know, I know, “It’s not supposed to matter”, but it’s hard not to let it get to you. I would even say that seeing my views take a hit is making my problem worse, turning a case of blahs into a negative cycle.


So, here’s my question, is it just me? Are any of you experiencing anything similar? I honestly, would love to hear about it because despite feeling like my blog is a little paint-by-numbers these days, I still love it! Reads & Reels is my other baby, but it is no less demanding than my real baby, figuratively speaking of course. It nags at my conscience if I don’t write regularly even though logically I know that everyone takes a break now and then.

Does everyone hit this wall after a certain amount of time? If so, should I just take a break? I would love more guest posts but people are busy this time of year, and I totally understand that. I think another thing that is a bit discouraging, is that since launching my book touring company (which took off way faster than I expected) it has slowed down considerably. Again, it could be the time of year but I have definitely hit a wall!

I don’t know, maybe I’m making it out to be a “thing” when it’s just a normal ebb in the blogging world. Either way, I want to hear from you.

Let’s talk about it!


Shanannigans XO









35 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Blog Fatigue #Discussion #Bloggers #BookBlogging

  1. RamblingLisa

    Everything feels like too much effort when it comes to the blog atm. I’m not accepting books atm for review because I just want a month to myself, and it isn’t that I want to read my own books – it started that way but I just want this time to me. Then again I have had a rough year too so I thought it had just all gotten on top of me until we were talking about the slump the other day so I was somewhat relieved it wasn’t just me. I think with it being the summer hols and the kids at home possibly is adding to it for some folk yet my girl is away 3 mornings a week at summer school so I can’t blame that even if I try to.
    I honestly think so many of us have had personal and health issues this year that we all just need time to ourselves and in all honesty I feel time off would do everyone some good!

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      1. RamblingLisa

        I think it becomes so much like a job that it can grind you down. At least you can take a step back when needed. I’m sure it will work out ❤

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  2. It’s not just you for sure. I went through it just a few weeks and decided I wanted to change my blog to keep it more entertaining. I stopped posting reviews for every book I read – I should have never been doing that in the first place. Now, I tell myself that I will only review 2 books a week and a a Top 5, Top 10, or FAQ post. Blogging was starting to take away from my love of books a wee bit. Books are my safe haven and I don’t always want to talk about each one with other people and I put the pressure on myself to do that. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my graphics, which meant I would spend hours making them. That was hours away from reading. Balance is key.

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  3. I think it’s something that we all suffer with at times. I felt jaded and fed up with blogging not long after I had reached a year with my blog and I’m not sure why! I’d been enjoying it and then I just sort of stopped, to use the phrase that you used I hit the wall and then just got over it and carried on. Then a few weeks ago I lost the blogging love again and that time seriously considering quiting. I took a week away from blogging, didn’t post, draft, or read any other blogs, it was like I didn’t have a blog and on the break I realised that I like having a blog even if it is hard work and annoying at times.😂

    It’s something that we all go through, you’re definitely not alone in feeling that way.

    Stats tend to take a dive in summer, people go on holiday, outside, etc and blogging falters. It should pick up again come the autumn and I’d say that everyone’s stats are likely to be down too.

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  4. As a fellow Canuck I find it very hard to sit in front of a computer screen or desk in mid-summer. Our days of warmth are so few; it’s hard not to be drawn outside. But don’t worry; it’s all fleeting and in no time it’ll be cold and dark and dreary and you’ll be back, basking in the warm glow of your computer screen.

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  5. It’s definitely, definitely not just you! We’ve all been there. Sometimes I think that it’s just take a break for a little while- sometimes just spontaneously to get a bit of a rest. I hope you get out of this funk soon, I can tell you that this kind of thing happens, but it always passes! 😀

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  6. Having very similar difficulties myself but I’m putting it down to the summer with kids off etc. Whole routine is out of sync and just barely squeezing in reading. Reviews etc very late into the night…only time available. September will tell alot for me as to where my mojo is!!!

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    1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one! I’m in the middle of potty training so my designated morning coffee/ writing time has completely gone out the window. Once that window is gone, it’s time to get on with family life and I’m too exhausted at night to write.

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      1. Mine are 11 & 13 so a wee bit older!! The guilt lies with me really as I feel I should be doing more with them. Never ending over these few months. Next summer I will have to have a more organised family-friendly approach to this as it only builds resentment all around really….

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      2. I hear you. For me I feel guilty for my “hobby” because my daughter won’t be little forever and don’t want to miss anything. That said, I would go mad of I didn’t have anything just for myself.

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  7. partisancantina

    I think this happens to us all. If it’s any consolation I’ve just went through a period like this and for some reason this month just snapped out of suddenly. Hang in there; I know people think they are just producing a blog but I like to think of these sites as our little online homes. If it’s any consolation I love your site!

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  8. I have only been blogging for 8 months and I’ve had that happen to me a couple of times already. The stats really do make the feelings worse! But honestly I think the summer months and the chaos of our real lives have the most to do with it. And I agree. Sometimes taking a break from it might give you the recharge you need!

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  9. I honestly don’t think it has anything to do with the time you’ve spent blogging because I faced a similar lack of motivation few days back and I’ve been blogging only for just over 2 months now. However, I managed to still get a post up. If you don’t feel like it, that’s fine. You could try something light for a while. If you don’t feel motivated enough to write reviews, don’t !! Do some tags or discussions or award posts for a while. Something lighter that doesn’t require a lot of effort. It might actually help. I know bloggers who did only tags for a while and that’s okay. As for views, yes they might come down but once you’re out of this phase, they’ll go up again !! Until then, give yourself a break (actually, if you feel like it, a hiatus is also a good idea)

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    1. Thank you! All wonderful suggestions. I do have quite a few award nominations and tag invites piling up. They’re always fun. I also find movie reviews fairly easy. I may just consider a break for a bit. Just to focus on other things for a while.

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