Eve Brenner Zombie Hunter (The Zombie Girl Saga) by A. Giacomi #Review #Horror #Paranormal #Zombies

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Remember how I was trying to review these books as a series?

Well, unfortunately that didn’t really pan out for me. I started this series with so much enthusiasm and was enjoying it so much. Then, the storyline went in a completely different direction and I wasn’t feeling it anymore. But, I did finish and will give my honest opinion about the 4th book. It’s not that it was bad either, just that I didn’t like it.

Eve Brenner Zombie Hunter (Release Date: January 2017)

Eve manages to escape the CSIS facility a second time, but is a much different girl. Emotionally drowning as the Azrael virus evolves, she feels less and less human each day. With zombies escaping from the CSIS facility, there is no time to pause, she knows the virus is will spread rapidly. Eve is on a mission to find her family and friends before it’s too late. It’s a race against time as Eve becomes the hunter as well as the hunted. She needs to stop the infected from taking over or everyone may suffer her same fate. In the end, only heroes matter.

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My Thoughts…

So, without revealing what the HUGE change in storyline was, it has a lot to do with the big guy depicted above… ahem…Satan *Cough! What I thought was a really unique zombie story with the plague having something to do with ancient Egypt, turned out to be this massive “Good vs Evil” thing. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing but I wasn’t expecting it. Not only that, having absolutely loved the first two books (storyline, writing style, etc…) it was like the last two books were written by an entirely different person.

Checking the reviews on Goodreads, it’s clear that many people love these books and can see why. That said, Zombie Hunter just didn’t do it for me and I wish I can say that I enjoyed it but I can’t. It was just too big a departure from the original plot and there was just too much going on.

The author is a very talented storyteller but I think in this case, it is more a question of personal taste.

Rating… C

Poetic Zombie

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