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Ahhh, the dog days of summer are upon us (so is the ragweed *Achoo!).

Though if I’m honest, we didn’t have much of a summer where I am. Very atypical for Ontario. Too much rain! I am so happy that we had sunny weather during our cottage getaway, which was blissful by the way. I’ve had a holiday hangover since we returned and I wish I was still there, despite the many mosquito bites that keep appearing out of nowhere days later. No matter, plenty of things to look forward to. Like my dress shopping expedition tomorrow, which I am looking forward to, and afraid of in equal measure.

Not much happening blog-wise in the last week, but I did manage a few things. I finally finished that zombie series (what a disappointment) and wrote a really fun throwback review. I’m currently finishing up The Bride of Glass by Candace Robinson (Literary Dust). It’s her follow-up novel to Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault, which was awesome (Read Review) and I will be posting my review next week.

Now for the poster part of my post, which should be the focal I guess lol.

This week I chose Tim Burton’s live action version of Alice in Wonderland. Truly a visual feast at the very least. My little girl is obsessed with this movie, as well as its sequel. Which is ironic because she is a bit of a ‘fraidy cat when it comes to spooky things. She also love Disney’s animated classic too, so maybe like her mother, she just loves all things ‘Alice’. Have I mentioned her nursery was completely inspired by Alice in Wonderland? The literary version of course. But I digress.

This Week: Alice in Wonderland (2010)






Some of these posters are just so stunning. Usually, I like the more minimalist style but for this movie, I think something more visual is called for. After all, that’s what Wonderland is all about. Hmmm, this is tough!

The Winner: “A”

I choose “A” because it’s beautiful and shows hints of the quirky, surreal things about to come. Also, Mia Wasikowska looks lovely.

If I was going to pick a runner-up, I would go with “D”.

Have a fabulous weekend my friends, and wish me luck!


Shanannigans XO

12 thoughts on “Movie Poster Showdown #AliceinWonderland #TimBurton #Fantasy #CoffeeChat #Meme #Friday

  1. Aw, I absolutely love that you had an Alice themed nursery for your daughter. How cute. I always thought a Wonderland themed room would be so cute for a little one. 🙂
    Nice poster picks! I think A, E, I, and J are my faves!

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    1. Thank you! Her nursery evolved to a really cool Alice bedroom. My mother even made her a checker board bedspread and she even has a tiny door on one of the walls lol.

      I know so many of them are gorgeous! It’s really hard to choose just one.

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  2. These are all pretty great but I think I’m going with E as my favorite. I like how much of Wonderland it tries to show. I was actually the Tim Burton version of the Mad Hatter one year for Halloween. It was – by far – the most elaborate costume I’ve ever done. It took me two hours to get dressed in the morning and an hour and a half of that was spent on makeup. It was crazy. I’ve always liked this movie too for the visuals and the fun return-to-Wonderland approach.

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      1. That makes it even easier to check out then! Thanks! I like that it’s something different too. I’m always a sucker for revisioning and reinterpreting classic myths/stories/legends. Admittedly, sometimes they end up poorly done but I often find them to be a lot of fun. And I always respect that someone took the chance to be original with the idea.

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