The Bride of Glass by Candace Robinson #BookReview #Horror #Fantasy #FairyTales (Glass Vault #2)

Book Review

The Bride of Glass- Candace Robinson- Review

It’s a big day for Candace Robinson! It’s cover reveal day!

And since she was kind enough to give me an ARC for review, I also get to share the beautiful cover and the amazing story underneath it!

The Bride of Glass/ Glass Vault #2 (Release Date: September 1, 2017)

Perrie Madeline is trapped in Vale’s clutches as the Bride. Can Perrie find a way to escape her mental prison?

Maisie Jaser is on a rescue mission to retrieve her cousin and best friend, Perrie. Together, she hopes to bring down Vale and rid the world of the destruction he has caused.

Will Vale prevail?

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My Thoughts…

Woah! The second book of the Glass Vault duology took me in a completely different direction than I expected.

Perrie wakes up to discover that she is not with the person she went to bed with at the end of the first book. She is then transformed into a creature of such power, the real Perrie couldn’t possibly fathom. Not only has she become trapped in the vault ‘forever’ but her strings are being pulled by the person she thought she loved. She’s slave to Vale in every way and let’s just say, she’s not complaining.

This book is much darker than the first, but is no less exciting. Eventually, the three friends are reunited and they must deal with their new reality and the horrors they themselves inflicted.

The author continues to pull from fairy tales and legends that we know well, but she revamps them to suit her characters and their journey. I love this! The story turns so unexpectedly too, which is fantastic. For example, the obvious villain is not who you think, and the most unlikely of characters have a chance at redemption.

Candace has another hit on her hands. I really enjoyed this book and if you haven’t read the first book yet, get your hands on a copy! Here’s my review of Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault to whet your appetite.

Rating… A

About the Author


My name is Candace Robinson, obviously. I’m just your average hemiplegic migraine sufferer. My days are spent writing, book reviewing and traveling through books. I live just outside of Houston, Texas, where it feels like the hottest place on Earth with the crazy weather. No, seriously, one day it’s 30 degrees and the next it’s 70 degrees!

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Header image source: The Bride of Frankenstein by Mike Mignola

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