Movie Poster Showdown #Grease #Movies #Friday #Meme #WeeklyRecap

“Grease Lightning, Go Grease Lightning…”

Hey guys! How goes it? Can you believe it’s September 1st? Crazy, but summer isn’t over yet. There are still technically 3 weeks left, so use them wisely. I’m actually looking forward to Fall. It’s my favourite season and this summer wasn’t the greatest for me, so fresh start and all that.

This week has been fairly productive. Some excellent reading, a few great book reviews, a not so great TV series binge, and lots of great posts from fellow bloggers.

On a personal note, I went back to the doctor regarding my foot and have been referred to a sports med doc. I’m hopeful some more rehab will do the trick but I’m afraid it may just be a stop-gap before seeing an orthopoedic surgeon (yikes). Hmm, what else? Oh, I set up a FB page for R&R Book Tours, so check it out! Facebook Link

Currently, extremely loud fighter jets are flying over my house and will continue to do so for the rest of this long weekend. They’re called The Snow Birds and for Torontonians, signal the end of the CNE (annual carnival/ exhibition) and the summer. For the last three weeks of August, we have this huge thing (tourists come from everywhere), and the Snow Birds perform an airshow on the last weekend. It’s a nostalgic tradition but now that I live by the CNE grounds, it’s also very loud and busy.


So, this week I chose Grease for the showdown because “Grease is the word” and it’s my blog and I can do what I want. Ha! really I just LOVE this movie/ musical and it just popped into my head. Much like the lyrics to the entire soundtrack.

As a kid, I watched this movie with my mom countless times and can literally recite it word for word. I never tire of it. As you can imagine I have a fondness for John Travolta as a result, and always will no matter how weird he gets. “I’m hopelessly devoted” to him. Ha ha get it?


Anyway, on to the posters…

This Week: Grease (1978)

It was actually really difficult to find true movie posters for this movie. You would think because of its fame, there would be tons but not so. Here’s what I found.





I love “D” because it looks like a locker collage but I think I am going to go with “A” cause it’s so adorable!

The Winner: “D” 

Have a great (long) weekend folks!

“Tell me about it, stud!”


Shanannigans XO

7 thoughts on “Movie Poster Showdown #Grease #Movies #Friday #Meme #WeeklyRecap

  1. BookDragonGirl

    I hope the rehab does the trick for your foot and you don’t end up needing surgery! As for Grease, I LOVE that movie and I can pretty much recite it word for word too. Especially the song, “Look at me I’m Sandra Dee” lol…when the girls do that song I can’t keep from singing along!! As for the posters, I’d say my favorites are F and I ….and if I have to pick just one, it’s I.
    Great post! Oh, and the Facebook page looks great!!

    Liked by 1 person

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