Movie Poster Showdown: SPECIAL EDITION #IT #NowPlaying #Movies #Horror

“You’ll float too.”


Jesus H. Christ! I don’t think I will ever look at a red balloon the same way again!

That’s right folks, today’s the big day! IT is now playing in theaters near you (God help you), and to celebrate I thought I would do a little something different this week. I will show you a few of the abso-frikin-lutely terrifying posters for what is being heralded as “The greatest movie ever” by so many people. Even achieving critical acclaim from hard-nosed movie critics. It has been called “Stand by Me with a demonic clown” and that is enough reason for me to see it, because I’ve always considered that movie pretty epic.

Confession time, I’m a little afraid. Me! Horror and Sci-fi lover, loyal Stephen King fan, and self-proclaimed zombie aficionado. But, I remember the 90’s mini-series (a little) and the book (vividly), so I know that this is going scare the popcorn out of me. Also, I really don’t like clowns. Not very original of me I know, but just the same, they freak me out.



How in the love of movie magic did they turn this angelic creature into the most terrifying monster ever? Seriously though, this transformation is amazing!

But before I give you nightmares for the rest of the weekend, let me tell you a little about my week.

Blog-wise, its been great! I’ve been getting a ton of interesting submissions and have been reading some really great stuff. One of which, is this AMAZING book called “Home to Roost” (Goodreads). A genre-bending tale about the inner-workings of farm life as told by a chicken. That’s right you read correctly, a chicken. At first I thought it was going to be an homage to Animal Farm, and some parts did remind me of it, but it’s actually a horror/ survival story/ paranormal-ish tale that is extremely well-written and immensely enjoyable.

Hmm, what else? Ugh I started an elimination diet because I think I am allergic to dairy. The change in diet has been okay, but 4 or 5 days of extremely healthy food, and my body thinks it’s being poisoned. Seriously, why is clean eating so painful lol?


Hopefully, I will live to see my wedding. Speaking of, just found out we may have to push it up a month or 2 for logistical reasons, which is equally exciting, and stress-inducing. 8 months to plan a destination wedding? I got this!

Anyway, let’s get to the reason you’re reading this post, shall we?

IT (Theatrical Release: TODAY)


Good God!!!!


Mama no!!!


Don’t fall for it kid!


I swear, my child will never see a clown!

And just for fun… The original movie’s poster.

1990 it
Enter a caption

Okay, fewer choices this week and they all inspire great fear… but I think I’m going to have to go with poster “A”

The Winner: “A”

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait to see who’s brave enough to see IT this weekend! Remember, stay away from red balloons. Far away.


Shanannigans XO

15 thoughts on “Movie Poster Showdown: SPECIAL EDITION #IT #NowPlaying #Movies #Horror

  1. Good God, those posters are terrifying! The trailer keeps coming on TV really late at night and I literally scrunch my eyes close because it creeps me out too much…that creepy music, that even creepier smile! Eugh. No, thank you! I love horror movies but I have to wait for them to be released on DVD or Netflix. I find it too much in the cinema!
    I’m sorry to hear that you think you might be allergic to dairy. It sucks because dairy is everywhere! 😦 Saying that, though, have you ever tried dairy-free cake? There are some delicious varieties with things like courgette in and they’re absolutely define!
    Also, Home to Roost is amazing! I absolutely adored that book! ❤

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  2. Ah, this movie was so fun! A great blend of horror and humor through and through. I was so impressed with all the young actors, too! They did a great job, and Bill Skarsgard made a great Pennywise. Have you ever seen him in Hemlock Grove? The guy is a natural for the horror genre. lol He does creepy really well. 🙂
    Love the poster choices you came up with. A is definitely a good one. I really like C, too since the Georgie scene is so iconic. It’s definitely one of the first things to come to mind when I think of It. Awesome post!


    1. I really liked Hemlock Grove and totally agree. Which is weird cause he’s so “pretty”. It’s nice he’s not allowing himself to get type-casted lol. I may see it tonight
      Hopefully if I can get a sitter. The kids are what I’m looking forward to most.

      The Georgie one is my second choice for sure!

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      1. I agree 100%. He could easily rely on his family’s name and good looks to get easy “pretty boy” roles, so I really love that he seems to go for challenging and more interesting ones. He’s genuinely a good actor. 🙂

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  3. Yep, I’m with you. “A” all the way! I saw ‘IT’ last night and found it incredibly well done annnnnd it totally freaked me out. On more than one occasion I involuntarily screamed/swore out loud in the theatre :). I can’t believe the hype either! Our local theatre sold out TEN showtimes yesterday and there were lines waiting to go into every showing. I’m used to this sort of excitement for Star Wars or superhero movies but never scary clown monsters that will haunt my nightmares.

    Gather your courage…be brave…and I hope you enjoy IT!

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    1. Omg I am now extra excited and extra scared lol. I want to see it this weekend but we never got around to pre-ordering tickets. Hubby hates horror movies but this time in making him come lol. I need the support 😂

      There are actually whispers of “oscar” floating around no pun intended. So glad you liked it!

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      1. Huh! I hadn’t heard the Oscar buzz yet but I’m intrigued. While Oscar does tend to like to turn its nose up at more genre-oriented films, this was brilliantly done. Good luck getting your tickets (and getting your partner along for the ride (I feel his pain…)). You’ll have to let me know what you think of it once you see it!

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  4. Uh oh! Dairy huh?! My husband and son are lactose intolerant, it’s an adjustment. I’ve been substituting dairy for over 20 years if your looking for advice.
    It… I saw the original and loved it but I have the feeling this version will be much scarier!! I think I’ll skip this one 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For the last year I thought it was a lactose intolerance but the last few even the few lactose free items give me grief. It hasn’t been bad but my morning coffee is a challenge and I NEED that lol. I’ve been using almond milk.
      Thank you. I would love any tips ☺
      Yes this version definitely looks scarier 🤤


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