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Wonderland??? I’m all over this one! Let’s see what Theresa has to say about it.

Clockwork Wonderland contains stories from authors that see Wonderland as a place of horror where anything can happen and time runs amok. In this book you’ll find tales of murderous clockworks, insane creations, serial killers, zombies, and a blood thirsty jabberclocky. Prepare to see Wonderland as a place where all your worst nightmares come true. You may never look at classic children’s literature the same way again.

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Clockwork Wonderland (Release Date: April 2017)

alice in wonderland

There’s a comforting familiarity in these stories, since most of us have at least a vague understanding of Alice and what it means to be stuck in Wonderland. Although it’s usually passed off as an imaginative realm for children, the circumstances and imagery here are the stuff of adult nightmares. Themes of losing our innocence, questioning our sanity, and failing to elude the constant threat of time are things that affect us all. Mix in some grisly imagery and a string of bloodbaths, this collection has the right recipe for inducing the worst bad dreams.

If you have a penchant for Alice in Wonderland, you absolutely need to get your hands on this collection. Overall, I found the editing to be top-notch, which made for an enjoyable read. And, although not all stories stood out as strikingly crafted, there really isn’t a bad one in the bunch. There were common threads in most tales, which sometimes made them feel same-y. Yet, most held my attention with clever descriptions or plot twists at the end, making me want to keep flipping to the last page.

Here are a few that worked well for me. Ellis’ “Hands of Time” had me cringing at her gory depictions, which was a lot of fun. Saulson’s “My Clockwork Valentine” kept me riveted, wanting to know the answer to the mystery of the protagonist’s clockwork pacemaker and the key she needed to obtain to keep her alive. This is a beautifully written creepy fairy tale. Pyne’s “Blood will Have Blood” is a gruesome modern-day horror with a skillful conclusion. Rich’s “Midnight Dance” is a fun romp with zombies and some magic jam, feeling like a twisted Groundhog Day that repeats over and over again. Coffman’s “King of Hearts” is a touching tale of a dad whose daughter inadvertently sends him to Wonderland. It’s his love for her and the help of a mysterious cat that help him get home. McGuire’s “Riddle” has a wallop of an ending, which really makes the story. Megaregee’s “The Note” is full of artful prose, which held my interest—that, and the gripping descent into insanity. Roger’s “Ticking Heart” is a fascinating telling of kind of a twisted parable about love and time. You’ll have to read it to find out which is ultimately victorious.

All in all, Clockwork Wonderland delivers a satisfying trip down the rabbit hole and into a warped and often bloody dimension of deliciously disturbing madness.


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