Movie Poster Showdown: Shaun of the Dead #Friday #Horror #Zombies #Chat #Movies

“You’ve Got Red on You”

Hey fellow movie fans and zombie enthusiasts! Since the countdown to Halloween has commenced, I thought I would feature some of my favourite horror flicks over the next few weeks.

This week I’ve decided to go with Shaun of the Dead. Not only is it my favourite zombie film of all time, it’s also a brilliant commentary on modern society. That and it’s funny AF. Really, this movie kicks ass on so many levels, so I’m ecstatic to feature it this week.


But first, how are you all doing? I’m doing well for the most part. Still trying to get my body sorted, but I’m getting there. I’ve started Pilates in addition to my sessions with the chiropractor, and I LOVE it! I think I’ve finally found a form of fitness that I enjoy and it’s only costing my hundreds of dollars! Bloody Hell! I know it will be worth it in the long-run, but couldn’t I have discovered power walking or something? Geez!

Speaking of chiropractors, this is my first time seeing one and mine specializes in sports medicine. So, it’s not just cracking backs but a combination of modern rehab therapy and acupuncture. It’s going well and I really like my doctor but it’s so intimate sometimes. I feel like he should be buying me dinner first lol.

giphy (1)

Blogwise, it’s been fairly quiet this week. Lot’s of behind the scenes stuff going on; reading (Obviously), organizing a new guest, and of course kicking off the Search for Maylee blog tour, which has been very successful! Yesss!

I posted a review for a “must read” book called Beautiful Mess and you just have to read it! It’s so good. Probably the best book I’ve read in the last month or two.

Anyway, it has been a good week and I’m looking forward to a chill weekend. Last weekend was insane! TWO different parties for preschoolers! Need I say more?

This Week: Shaun of the Dead (2004)

It was unbelievably difficult selecting these posters! There are tons of brilliant fan-made posters out there. Not a surprise because this movie is awesome personified. I hope you like the ones I chose. This week will be a tough one.






Ugh! Impossible to choose! I mean look at the one designed to look like a Penguin Classic.

I love “A” because it captures the movie perfectly but I also really love “M”. It’s darker and definitely more sinister.

You know what? I can’t decide!

The Winner: Calling a Draw

I can’t do it. I love this movie and I think all of these posters are amazing in their own way. Besides, It’s my blog and I can do what I want 😉

Happy Friday guys! I hope you are more decisive than I am today.

Now what to have for lunch? Hmmm.




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