Poet, Musician, & Proud Canadian: RIP Gord Downie

 “It would be hard for me now, at this age and stage, to leave a song without a glimmer of hope… I always like to have a glimmer of hopefulness, even in collapse.” – Gord Downie


Gord Downie passed away and it stings. We knew it was coming but I still feel gutted! Our country collectively grieves the loss of not just an amazing musician, but also a really good person, a true humanitarian.

We have lost so many musical legends in the last few years and though sad, I did not feel compelled to write about it. This time is different. Gord’s passing felt closer to home, more personal.

Nearly everyone I know has a fond memory associated with a Hip song, or their first concert experience and they have been sharing them all over FB today. A favourite song here, a quote there, a little piece just to express how much Gord and the band meant to them. It’s beautiful and touching but also really sad. Like I said, this feels so much more personal to all of us. I think because The Tragically Hip was and will remain such a fundamental part of our culture.

Gord was proud to be Canadian and he embodied our country’s spirit in a very real way. Nevermind those “Proud to be Canadian” marketing campaigns for beer or whatever, Gord’s music, writing, and philanthropy was the very definition of a “proud” Canadian. He inspired his nation with his writing and actions, and he will be missed.

I’m fortunate to be able to share my feelings on my little corner of the internet and I’m happy to share the memory of Gord Downie with you guys.

When I think about how sad we must feel as a nation, my heart breaks for his family. I pray they find comfort in their memories and in his legacy.

RIP Gord Downie (1964-2017)

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