Movie Poster Showdown: The Evil Dead #Horror #CultClassic #EvilDead #Friday

“Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart!”

Ready your boom sticks cause this week I’m kicking it old-school with “The Evil Dead”! Don’t worry not the remake (BOOOOOO), the original classic with Ash vs the Deadites. And I’m super excited cause I love these movies. I’ve even seen the musical which is HILARIOUS!

But first let’s recap my week which has been hella long and I am so ready for the weekend.


My week started with my daughter’s cold evolving into a mysterious rash and before you call WHO, apparently little kids get rashes from EVERYTHING even viruses. Is this common knowledge? I had no idea. She’s completely up to date with her vaccines (yes I firmly believe in vaccinations) so as a first-time mom, I’m imagining all kinds of new super-bugs, mega allergic reactions… well you get the idea. Most of my week has been trying to keep her from scratching, including having her wear oven mitts. What? You’ve never done that? 😉 Ah, navigating the minefields of modern parenting.

Anyway, she’s perfectly fine but we’re also preparing for her much-dreaded appendectomy that is scheduled for the end of November. This means forms, physical exams, pre-op consults etc… and sleepless nights for Mom. Logically, I know this has to be done and the risks are miniscule, but when your baby has to have surgery you can’t help but worry sick over every possible outcome. It’s been a difficult summer to say the least, but we can finally see the end of this and life returning to our definition of normal.

This weekend will be dedicated to getting ready for Halloween and she is so excited for it!

giphy (1).gif

First on the agenda, a date with my best girl at our favourite cafe, then the craft store for everything we need to deck our halls with spooky decorations. We also have pumpkin carving on the agenda this weekend. Mr. Shanannigans wants to do that melted crayon thing on a couple, and I have some ideas that should make for spooky but not scary pumpkins. When you have small kids, your normal gore and shrieking soundtracks are unacceptable lol. You go from zombies and severed limbs adorning your porch, to ghosts and witches that are more cute than scary.

This week also marks the loss of a Canadian icon who was very special to all of us. Gord Downie, the lead singer of The Tragically Hip, inspired so many and his passing hurts. Big time. Our prime minister was in tears when he announced it, just to give you some perspective on how important he was to our country.

There is a special on tonight called Long Time Running and it essentially chronicles the Hip’s last tour that Downie launched after being diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer. I will be watching with a box of tissues close at hand.


As I said, it has been a really long week and I am looking forward to some quality time with my family and maybe an icy glass of wine or two.

I have ‘chatted your ear off’ long enough but I really appreciate the time to vent. Let’s get to the posters!

This Week: The Evil Dead (1981)






Lots of amazing fan art here…hmmm… I think I’m going to go with “K” because it depicts the Necronomicon. I do like the classic poster with the recording device they all chose to ignore as well.

What do you guys think?

The Winner: “K”

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!


25 thoughts on “Movie Poster Showdown: The Evil Dead #Horror #CultClassic #EvilDead #Friday

  1. This week I’m totally going with J. I’m not sure why. Normally I have a lengthy run down on my reasoning for you :). But there’s just something about J that struck me. I can’t quite name it but it did so it gets to be the winner for me. Also, yay for Halloween festivities and the (eventual) end of medical maladies. May the Force be with you!

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