Stranger Things 2: A Major Binge Hangover, Amongst Other Things #StrangerThings2 #Halloween

“It’s Bitchin’!”


Ugh, if any of you spent the better part of your weekend binge watching the second season of Stranger Things 2…

Then you’re probably having the very Mondayest of Mondays just like me 😦

I watched half the season Friday night and the rest Saturday night (and into the wee hours of Sunday morning). If I had it my way I would have watched it all in one sitting, but 9 hrs is a long time to sit in one spot. Then there’s the whole sleep thing. Because we have a 3-yr-old, we had to wait until she was in bed each night. Otherwise, we would have watched all 9 episodes in a day. And that is exactly what the Duffer brothers had in mind when they created it.

Each season is like a superbly written book that you just can’t put down, and season 2 is no exception. The first couple of episodes ease you back into things and then bam, everything kicks into high gear. 

So, Let’s Talk About It (NO SPOILERS)

Having an insanely successful, Emmy award-winning first season gets you more than just a loyal fan base, it also gets you a much BIGGER budget. The scaled back, distinctly 80’s vibe is part of the reason why this show is so good and though it is obvious that the show has more money to work with, it still keeps the same tone. So don’t worry, the sweet sense of nostalgia that we all loved from season 1 remains intact. Actually, I would say that if season 1 made us 80’s kids nostalgic, then season 2 will actually transport you back to your childhood. It’s part of the reason why this hangover is still lingering. Yes I wish there was more to watch but I also just really miss being a kid back then.


Every scene and every detail in those scenes are bang on and cumulatively, it’s spectacular. If you watch the episodes of “Beyond Stranger Things” (the “After Show” Netflix surprised us with), it’s clear that the creators have a fondness for their own youth, and it’s because of that, that everything is historically accurate down to the finest detail.

Last season, we all fell in love with these kids and for good reason. They’re immensely talented and so endearing. I absolutely love “Dustin” and his excitable nature. “Mike” may be the leader of the party and he is so soulful this season, but Dustin will make you laugh in a the most dire of situations.

Each kid brings something special to the show, even “Will” (What??? he’s not my favourite), and together they make Stranger Things. Don’t get me wrong, the adults are fantastic, and I especially enjoyed Winona Ryder’s portrayal of “Joyce” as she’s tough as nails this time around, but it’s the kids who are so special.


While we’re talking about the cast, there are new characters this season and it’s really nice to see new blood. Because of these new faces, we get to see our favourite characters from different angles and it’s fantastic. Come to think of it, every character shows us something new in season 2 and good character progression is essential in a series. Just another reason why this show is so great!

Season 2 offers us so much! Nostalgia, action, scares, cool effects and a whole lot of feeling. If you have asked yourself, “How can they make season 2 different?” or “What’s left for them to do?” Rest assured, they did and there’s lots.

Binge watching this show tomorrow is the perfect way to spend Halloween. Just be prepared for the hangover, cause it’s a doozy.  You’ll yearn for simpler times and your favourite arcade games, not to mention more Stranger Things.

Hmm, I wonder if my daughter would like walkie-talkies for christmas?

Have a great day guys!





30 thoughts on “Stranger Things 2: A Major Binge Hangover, Amongst Other Things #StrangerThings2 #Halloween

  1. Whew! Thanks for not adding spoilers. I have 2 episodes left to go on Season 2 – just watched Episode 7 in Chicago which was genuinely interesting, but I felt the main story lost momentum.

    This series is way more fun and addictive than I was expecting. No wonder it’s a sensation!

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      1. Lol! Once I got into the first few episodes, I couldn’t stop watching. I actually prefer watching tv shows like this because I can commit to tuning in weekly like the old days. Well except for Walking Dead lol


  2. Watched them all this weekend, so great! Glad series 2 lived up to 1!
    I wasn’t overly keen on the ‘new’ characters (don’t want to give anything away) so I didn’t really like episode 7 (I think that was the episode?) as much, where it was pretty much all about them; found them a bit cringey. Absolutely loved the rest though! Great post 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I know exactly what you’re talking about. I did like her specifically but I wasn’t crazy about the episode. I think it was their way of making the show bigger. Not all just Hawkins.
      Overall, I loved it! Ibtgink we can expect 2 more seasons. A 3rd for sure.

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