Book Review: Celebrity Gulag by M.A. Rice #Review #Dystopian #Thriller #SpecFiction

Book Review


If dark speculative fiction is your thing, boy do I have a book for you!

Celebrity Gulag (Release Date: May 9, 2017)

Celebrity Gulag: only the biggest, most famous, most watched show in the land. Imitated worldwide but never bettered, it is the biggest star vehicle known to humankind…’

Even in darkness, the megalopolis never sleeps.

The internet is gone, engulfed by the virtual flames of an online inferno.

In its place, tawdry tabloids titillate with tales of television talent shows where contestants are literally dying to be famous.

For physicist Dr. Philip Bruno, an unassuming life is about to take a remarkable turn.

From igniting a star in the world’s first successful fusion reactor,

To being hunted by a delinquent prince.

How does a modest man survive stardom?

When an ever-present audience bays for blood,

How does he survive Celebrity Gulag?

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My Thoughts…

I loved the concept of this book! The execution is a touch complex but if you like hard sci-fi then you will really like this one.

The author paints a very grim landscape. One that’s dark, sinister, self-serving, and in some cases, downright evil. The scariest part about it? If the darker parts of human nature prevail, this could actually become our reality.

I’m being a tad melodramatic I guess, but I fear for humanity. I watch the news, read (mostly real) articles online, and I follow current political affairs (Perhaps the scariest of all), so it’s not a huge leap to envision all of this happening in a not so distant future.

“Celebrity Gulag” is the type of story people like me really love and fear in equal measure. We love it because it’s fascinating and entertaining, but it’s also scary AF because part of us believes that THIS is where we’re headed! That is, if huge changes aren’t implemented like yesterday.

This book is well written and incredibly imaginative. It’s a little hard to digest at times but that’s what makes it so good. I quite liked it and if you enjoy this kind of stuff, then you need to get yourself a copy. Oh, and the characters you’ll meet? Well… you’ll have to read it yourself because it’s a hell of a debut!

Rating… B-

About the Author


M. A. Rice (Mike) is a freelance translator and skilled child wrangler. When not writing, he can be found making killer guacamole, noodling on the guitar and dancing like nobody’s watching. Mike lives with his two young sons, just downwind of the Irish Sea.
Celebrity Gulag is his first novel.
Connect with Mike and get advanced notice of his upcoming novel, Thieves In Law at

M.A. Rice




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