Happy Thanksgiving to My American Friends!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to take a minute and wish all my American blogger and author friends a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I hope you find excellent deals tomorrow, but more importantly, I hope you have a lovely weekend full of friends, family, and love! And books! Lots and lots of books! 😉


19 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to My American Friends!

  1. Aww, thank you! It’s been a lovely break with lots of time for family, food, rest, and reading. I go back to work tomorrow and then we begin the (relatively) quick march to Christmas vacation! This was a lovely post to see – and good blogging friends is certainly something I’m thankful for too :).

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      1. As far as “extra” dinner goes, my grandma insists on cooking to feed an army…and then giving that army leftovers for a week. We can’t even begin to eat as much as she cooks, let alone wants to cook :). She was annoyed when my mom and aunt cut her off at three different meat options this year but she still bought TEN lbs of potatoes and made FIVE different pies. Grandma knows how to party :).

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      2. She’ll be cool with it. Years ago, my grandpa had a hunting cabin in the woods they named “the Ponderosa” (after ‘Bonanza’). Late one night a family stopped there, thinking it was the restaurant. Grandma asked what they wanted for dinner and invited them to come down to the kitchen. They were too embarrassed to stay but Grandma was sad she didn’t get to cook for them. So she’d happily welcome you and your family :).

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