Mistress of the Vampire by Elena Darkmoon #Review #Paranormal #Romance #Vampires

Book Review


It certainly has been a while since I’ve read a book like this…

And you know, it wasn’t bad!

Mistress of the Vampire (Release Date: December 21, 2017)

He had a hungry look in his eyes. He had been searching, seeking, until he found me. I was burning under his gaze, I wanted to rip my clothes off, I wanted to run away. Who was this beautiful man and what did he want from me?

Magnus Redman became my boss and my lover. I was young, innocent and inexperienced, the opposite of him, and he knew just how to penetrate the soft core of my mind until all I could think about was him. Our passion was intense, crazy, sexy, white hot and dangerous, just like him. I craved him like a drug, his hands, his body, his teeth……

But then hidden secrets and painful revelations from the past threatened to tear us apart. And we found ourselves battling a powerful force hell-bent on revenge and destruction. How much would we be willing to sacrifice to save the ones that we love?

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My Thoughts…

Like I said, it’s been ages since I read a book of this genre. You may or may not know this, but I’m not crazy about romance novels. There are exceptions however, and one is a good, sexy vampire book. And sparkly, vegan vamps need not apply because I’m kind of a purist when it comes to vampire stuff and I love me some broody, tortured vampires. Particularly the reformed ones. Yum!

Enter Magnus, a hot, billionaire vampire complete with a dark and bloody past. He knows he shouldn’t but he can’t help but be attracted to our heroine. A sweet, HUMAN, young woman who perhaps has a mysterious past of her own.

Star-crossed lovers, who can’t keep their hands (and other body parts) of each other. Sounds good right?

Well there is a little more to the story than their affair and that’s what made the book a far better read for me.

The only issue I had with it was how this storyline played out. More of a technical issue really, as the story is written well and is very entertaining. Everything plays out in the present for a good portion of the book and then all of a sudden, flashback sequences start happening featuring new, mystery characters. It’s not bad just a little awkward. Eventually at the end, everything ties together but I think this could have been done a little better.

All in all, a good read that was steamy and fun. And of course, it had my kind of vampires. Fun fact about me? I was very much in the “Buffy and Spike” camp vs “Buffy and Angel”.  Yes Angel was broody and sexy but he was almost too tortured. Spike was far more fun.

Rating… C+ / 3.5 Stars

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