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Movie Review


Well they certainly took their time with this one. Was it worth the wait?

Maze Runner: The Death Cure (Release Date: January 2018)

In the epic finale to The Maze Runner Saga, Thomas leads his group of escaped Gladers on their final and most dangerous mission yet. To save their friends, they must break into the legendary last city, a WCKD controlled labyrinth that may turn out to be the deadliest maze of all. Anyone who makes it out alive will get the answers to the questions the Gladers have been asking since they first arrived in the maze. Will Thomas and the crew make it out alive? Or will Ava Paige get her way?

Stars: Dylan O’BrienKi Hong Lee, and Kaya Scodelario

Director: Wes Ball

Rating/ Runtime: PG-13/ 2hr 21

My Thoughts…

This long-awaited conclusion to the Maze Runner saga had its share of setbacks, most notably, Dylan O’Brien’s terrifying accident on-set, that shut down production indefinitely. That was two years ago.

Thankfully, O’Brien returned after a lengthy recovery, and relieved fans finally got to see the action-packed finale.

I am a big fan of the books, and like others, I was a little disappointed with the film adaptations. That said, I did like the first one quite a bit and I really enjoyed this one. “The Scorch Trials”? Meh… It was okay.

But back to “The Death Cure”, that is what we’re here for right?

Firstly, there is a TON of action! No wonder he hurt himself doing a dangerous stunt. It’s a miracle no one else was seriously hurt because right out of the gate, this movie is one high-velocity action sequence after the next. One thing I can guarantee, is that you will not be bored watching this movie.

I also thought the cast was excellent. They’ve really grown since the first film and it shows. The veteran actors like Aidan Gillen were fantastic too, though I could not stop thinking of “Janson” as “Little Finger” lol. I fear he will always be known for that no matter what roles he takes on. Sorry dude!

Technically, the film was executed well with excellent stunts, special effects, and dramatic sets. The “Last City” was pretty spectacular.

I enjoyed this movie! It was fun and I felt like it was a strong finish to the trilogy. I would almost say it is the best of the franchise save for the fact that I really love the concept of the first one. Anyway, it’s worth a trip to the theater for sure!

Rating… B



10 thoughts on “Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018) #Review #Movies #FilmAdaptation #Dystopian #MazeRunner #DeathCure

  1. I’m so glad to hear this one was good. 🙂 (And that it ended up happening at all after Dylan O’Brien’s accident on set!) I’m glad that he recovered from it and that it didn’t end up ruining his career. Looking forward to seeing this one eventually.


  2. I haven’t read the books myself but have been eagerly awaiting for the movie finale myself… huh, didn’t even know about the accident…
    good to hear about the non-stop action though- sounds perfect for an evening’s entertainment and you’re so right.. Little Finger will always be Little Finger, in whatever I see him- I shout- oh, Little Finger! eh… some roles really just stick to actors! 😀
    Like, whatsername will always be Bella Swan! 😀

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