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For those of you who like myself, are not the “hearts and flowers” type, I chose a feature that has a unique spin on romance.

My Valentine is very romantic and fond of big gestures. However, he knows his audience and though I love chocolate (any day of the year), I’m not overly sentimental. For example, one of my favourite Valentine’s Day dates was when he took me to see Warm Bodies. Nothing screams romance like a zombie love story. Anyway, you get the idea so I thought this review would be perfect.

Harley Quinn: Valentine’s Day Special (February 11 2015)

Art: John Timms

Cover: Amanda Conner

Variant Cover: Amanda Conner

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner

Love is in the air in New York City! The planet’s richest bachelor, Bruce Wayne, is in town for a charity auction – and the highest bidder gets a date with Mr. Tall, Dark, and Brooding! Good thing Harley Quinn just came into some money (please, whatever you do, don’t ask how). But can Bruce really spend a night with Harley without her learning how he spends his nights?


My Thoughts…

I really loved the story in this issue. In this universe, Harley has long broken things off with Joker and is the landlord of an apartment building where she lives. She has her own small crew of friends, partners in crime, and of course her bestie, Poison Ivy.

With a little help from her friends, Harley “raises” the money she needs to purchase her date by robbing a known embezzler. While Harley is planning her dream date, two very lame “villains” are planning on kidnapping Bruce Wayne and holding him for ransom. They plan to use the ransom money to open a fish sanctuary (yes you read correctly).

Of course, many Harley-esque shenanigans take place, including some very funny dream sequences.

Unfortunately as much as I loved the story, I really disliked the art. Particularly how this Harley is stylized. Both covers are amazing but that’s where the love ended. Which is unfortunate because as I mentioned the story is great. It is well-written and very funny. The dialogue is clever and overall, I enjoyed it. One other thing that bothered me, Harley seemed to be “dumb-downed” quite a bit and if you are a fan, you know she is brilliant. Batshit crazy, but brilliant.

I think in this case, especially in terms of the artwork, the rating will really depend on the reader.

Rating… I give the story a but the art for me was a C

DC Comics

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