Fairy Tales and Why Still Need Them As Adults

I still enjoy them, particularly darker retellings. How about you?

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Fairy Tales

I grew up pouring through the multiple collections of fairy tales and folklore available through my own book case the local library. Each time I cracked open a new story, I was enshrouded in endless possibilities that fostered exploration and piqued curiosity. But there was also something of greater value within.

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Through these journeys I faced countless obstacles which not only challenged the protagonist, but myself. The end result was often a rewarding lesson of morals that actually helped my younger self navigate the early stages of right and wrong in life.  It is easy to understand why these stories that have been passed down for generations will be forever timeless.

Today’s YA and often Adult fantasy aisles are littered with retellings and re-imaginings of countless classics. You can easily find stories of Sleeping Beauty or Vasilisa the Beautiful. And I could not be more thrilled about this. While…

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