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Hey guys! I’ve got a fun book available for review!

Unlike a blog tour, you may read and publish your review on your own schedule as long as it is done before the end of June. I ask that you share your review on Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter etc… and to please send me a link to your review once you’ve published.

The Astounding Antagonists.pngThe Astounding Antagonists

Genre: Fantasy/ Superhero/ Sci-Fi

Publication Date: October 19, 2014

Dr. Agon, a megalomaniacal inventor with an arsenal of lethal gadgets. Motley, a wisecracking jewel thief with nothing left to lose. Chillpill, a cryogenic drug lord who just wants a normal life. Baelphegor, a demonic psychopath with an ugly score to settle.
They’re the most dangerous supervillains on Earth, and they’re about to pull off the perfect crime. There’s just one catch: if they succeed, they might accidentally save the world.
From the skyscrapers of Apex City…

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