To Megan…A Dedication

I’m shocked and devastated to read this news this morning! Megan was a shining star in her life and in our blogging community! Here is a lovely dedication 😦

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I normally don’t do posts like this…I have lots of book reviews to write and the rest of my ALAMW trip to tell…but I felt it necessary to share with you a person that was taken too soon. A person that was a good friend and that I will miss dearly.

Her name was Megan. People also knew her as BookSlayerReads – she had a blog and Instagram and recently started a candle business that she was very excited about. She also had recently changed some of her names to FictionintheClouds. We formed a group awhile back for reading Harry Potter, and we (my friends Sammi, Tiff, and I) were very close. We talked about her family, we talked about our book obsessions. We talked about everything. She and I would even talk about personal stuff from time to time.

When I found out she was gone, I couldn’t believe…

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14 thoughts on “To Megan…A Dedication

  1. Elaine Howlin

    Oh my god, I’m so shocked! I followed Megan’s blog and both Instagram accounts. I was also friends with her on goodreads and chatted occasionally. I was wondering why her accounts were so quiet, I’m so shocked by this. It’s very sad, my thoughts are with her family and friends.

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  2. I honestly didn’t know about this till today too! I really thought she was busy with her candle business and all the things she did with her blog. We didn’t exchange that often, but we didn’t run into each other from time to time on certain post. Such shocking news either way. 😮 Hope her close ones are doing better and taking it easy. 😦

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      1. Yep I knew that. I’m on my way to work and crying. I know that I haven’t met her in person but it hurts. I think that I’ll give my friend Laura a right to post on my blog if something happens to me. I really do think all of you as family she friends. We’re a tight knit community.

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  3. Wow that’s is just heartbreaking…..I used to do her Standalone Sundays all the time. I was wondering what happened since she hasn’t posted really in months. What happened do you know? She was so young and had young kids…… sad……

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