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Would you look at this cover! Believe it or not, I hadn’t seen it when I agreed to read this awesome book, but if I had, it would have hooked me for sure!

S.P.I.D.A.R. (Release Date: February 23, 2018

The town of Whittier is isolated in Alaska and the people all live within towers once used by the military. The tourist season is over and winter is on the way. Then a body washes up on shore. A body that says it’s from the government facility across the sound at Esther Island. With a storm coming, the citizens of Whittier have to deal with this on their own. They put the body in the basement of the towers, but their doctor wants to find out what killed this man. Was it a disease? How dangerous is it?
Then the horror begins.

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My Thoughts…

My initial reaction when I first received this book was that it reminded me of the The Hatching trilogy by Ezekiel Boone. Not a bad thing at all but I was wrong! The only commonality is spiders. That said, if you liked those books then you will love this.

I just love the idea of an isolated community being attacked by something. Be it a plague, zombies, or bio-engineered spiders (In books guys!!! Only in books!), so this one really appealed to me from the get-go. “Whittier” a micro town in Alaska, is the perfect place for this to happen since they are essentially cut off from the rest of the world. Add a horrible Alaskan blizzard to the mix and you can be sure that help is not coming.

Enter the town’s sheriff “Sallie Harp”, who has the misfortune of discovering a body close to the “Tower” where most of the population lives. Finding a body is unusual enough but there is something about the corpse that just isn’t right. There is a brutal storm pending so the sheriff decides to bring the body back to the “Tower” until the proper officials can be called in.

That is when the horror begins…

I loved this book! It’s well-written, gruesome and so entertaining. It also contains enough scientific fact to make this story truly terrifying.

I gobbled this up in one sitting and I heartily recommend it to horror fans and even lovers of sci-fi. And hey, if you’re not squeamish then you should give it a read even if it’s not your usual genre. It may surprise you.

Rating… A+

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4 thoughts on “S.P.I.D.A.R. by Bryan Alaspa @bryanalaspa #Review #Amreading #Goodreads #Horror #Scifi #5Stars

  1. Dolly M

    I just read this book last month and loved it, too. Something about it makes me want to plan a trip to Alaska. I guess because I feel I WAS there while I was reading this book.

    Liked by 1 person

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