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In an age of indie and self-publishing, it can be really hard to introduce your book to the masses. One of the best ways of sharing your book, is by making friends with a blogger or two. I should know, I am one. I also happen to know a few, and they would love to read your book.

We all have our favourites but one thing’s for certain, there are bloggers out there for every genre. We have all kinds of packages and services designed to reach your target demographic, and then some. Whether you want a week-long tour, a one day media blitz, or a reveal launch, we’ll make sure your book gets the love it deserves!



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Stats for Reads & Reels

Hits: 63,000+

Blog Followers: 4686

Average Views Per Day: 300+

Twitter: 3700+

FB/ Instagram 600+

Bloggers/ Tour Hosts: 1000+

(Last Updated: August 30th)

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