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Hey guys!

I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in this tour and to remind people that there is 1 day left to enter the giveaway!

I’d also like to share my take on JUST since I finished reading it last night.

My Thoughts…

This is a tricky book to catagorize. On the surface it seems like your standard thriller/ mystery but really it’s so much more. It’s actually a very powerful story about the atrocieties being carried out all over the world, violent acts of terrorism, and how it effects people, not just on a grand scale, but also how people like our characters are affected as well.

It is a unique story with not the most likeable characters but that is what appealed to me. Lucienne is a bitter divorcee with a scathing tongue but she is also whitty and loyal. I absolutely love her dialogues with Finlay.

I will say, it was difficult to get into this book at the start, because there is a lot of jumping around. It’s very much like a film that if you look away from the screen for just a moment, you can become hopelessly lost.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this book, and though it’s maybe not for everyone, I think many readers would appreciate the style and story of JUST.

Rating… B

Reads & Reels

Book Cover.jpg

I’m thrilled to kick off the tour for this genre-blurring thriller by Jenny Morton Potts!

It’s going to be a full week with lots of reviews, excert reveals, and a fab giveaway! Be sure to enter at the bottom! This book really surprised me (in a good way) and I heartily recommend it!

Just (Release Date:June 14th, 2018)

On golden Mediterranean sands, maverick doctor Scott Langbrook falls recklessly in love with his team leader, Fiyori Maziq. If only that was the extent of his falling, but Scott descends into the hellish clutches of someone much more sinister.

‘Just’ is a story of love and loss, of terror and triumph. Set in idyllic Cambridge and on the shores of the Med and Cornwall, our characters fight for their very lives on land and at sea.

An unforgettable novel which goes to the heart of our catastrophic times, and seeks salvation.

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