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Book Review 

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

Heeee’s Back!

Joe Goldberg is back and he is as charming as ever in this gritty sequel to Caroline Kepnes’ YOU.  In Hidden Bodies we go on a horrific journey with our anti-hero as he travels to California in pursuit of Amy Adam, his most recent paramour. Once there, Joe finds himself immersed in the vapid and desperate world of Hollywood wannabes, loose starlets and even looser morals.



Hidden Bodies is YOU #2 but it easily can stand alone. In fact, I actually liked it more than YOU, and the first book was fantastic. Hidden Bodies is clever, twisted, and lightning quick. The more I read, the more I found myself cheering for Joe. Justifying his murders while rooting for him to get the girl!

Kepnes’ writing is witty, sarcastic and very succinct.  She has the ability to make a reader love or hate a character with just a few words. She weaves a web that captures her readers within the first few pages,entrapping us for the rest of the book.  Seriously, I will follow Joe anywhere, excited to see where he brings me next. Think of the skill one would need to make people love a psychopathic, a serial killer. Kepnes knows her stuff!

Joe reminds me of Dexter, removing the detritus of society, truly believing he is doing the world a favor, and he finds a whole lot of depravity in California. Joe is a busy boy carving a path to his one true love hoping to finally gain and keep the life he believes he deserves.

As I mentioned before, Joe’s character has nuances of both Dexter and American Psycho’s character, Patrick Bateman, so if that appeals to you, Mr. Goldberg will not let you down. That being said, Joe is one of a kind and he redefines what it means to be an anti-hero.

I loved Hidden Bodies! I am over the moon knowing that this is not the last we will hear of Joe.  I give it my two thumbs up and the thumbs of the guy sitting next to me. If you haven’t read YOU yet, get on it (Don’t just watch the show)! because Hidden Bodies is waiting for you. And Caroline, I’m waiting not so patiently for book #3 😉


Caroline Kepnes


*I read this when it was first released, my original review was one of my first book reviews on Reads & Reels


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