How The Environment Affects My Reading Experience


Did you ever notice that your book reading experience is somehow affected by the environment around you?

For example, in the summer I went to Alabama with my best friend and I brought In Cold Blood and The Bell Jar read.

However, I didn’t like the environment I was staying in. We stayed at her uncle’s family which she never met before so there’s no way she could’ve predicted what would happen. In general, they treated us not so much like guests. It’s a very traditional way of thinking and greeting but in short, I was doing the dishes at least 3 times a day and the sink was always over flowing with big dirty stuff. I almost threw up when they forced me to clean their filthy fridge.. IT was packed withe expired things.. I wouldn’t go into the details.

And lastly, we were in the middle of…

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2 thoughts on “How The Environment Affects My Reading Experience

  1. Your environment definitely affects your reading! I strongly believe there are times and places for everyone to read. I generally will not read in a library or bookstore. I know it sounds weird but I just can’t focus on what I am reading. I thinks it is all the book titles that I am surrounded by that becomes a huge distraction. I start wondering what this and that book title is about. Book covers catch the corner or my eyes and I drift away to them. Also people become a big issue. If you are around someone who constantly needs to be heard or has annoying habits like humming weird tunes or mumbling things under their breathe. You should always make sure you are in a great space when settling down with a book.

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