MIA: Sorry Guys! Update/ Mini-Rant #BookBlogger #ConfessionsofaBlogger

Hey guys!

I feel like I need to offer an explanation as to why my posts are missing in action these days. After blogging every day in October, I think I broke something lol.

Seriously though, I am just ridiculously busy with work, sick babies (including Hubby in there), and social commitments. I’ve barely been able to come up for air, let alone read a book!


My poor daughter has literally been sick since the second week of September, and I should be grateful that I haven’t caught anything from her until now, but as my throbbing nose drips onto my keyboard, and the porcupines that have burrowed into my throat continue to dig in their razor-sharp spines, I’m not feeling the gratitude at the moment…. Hold that thought!

….I’m back! I just went into my appointment (Yep, I was typing this in the waiting room. Told you I was busy), and thank all the Gods, I got antibiotics for the rager that’s happening in my body.

Now where was I? Oh yes, despite my little one being “Typhoid Maya”, she has still managed to become “Queen of Kindergarten” and little Miss Popular has multiple birthday parties, like every weekend! I wish I was exaggerating, but I kid you not, several girls in her “squad” have their birthdays in December! Really people?! You’re killing me!

giphy (1)

So, while I wish was spending my weekends reading, it’s go, go, go, and when I do have a spare second, I’m working! I thought my business would morph into a Monday to Friday thing, once I was able to work full-time during the day. Alas, publishing and book publicity is not confined to the 5 day system. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE IT, but R&R Book Tours is getting slammed right now (High Five!), and it’s got me hopping. Ha, I may not get to read much these days but I’m still all about the books! Speaking of, I have many open book events right now that need talented book bloggers to host them *Hint hint.


Many of you have started or even finished your holiday shopping, trimmed the tree, and all other elf-like duties, I have done nothing. Nada! Normally, my tree goes up December 1st and I have at least made a good start on my shopping. This year, not so much. Also, did I mention we are hosting a ginormous Christmas party this Saturday? Something we do annually, and yet, we have planned, you guessed it… nothing!

This week will be the Christmas Olympics at our house, and all the while, I will feel like Death warmed over. Do you feel sorry for me yet?


There you have it folks! My life in a snot-coated nutshell. I miss you all and I miss writing but as you can see now, my responsibilities lie elsewhere at the moment.

While you’re reading by the soft glow of you tree lights tonight, spare a thought for your poor friend Shanannigans who, when she does have 5 seconds to lay down and die, she is watching schmaltzy Christmas movies on Netflix like “A Christmas Prince 2”. Yes, there’s a sequel, and dreading the last-minute shopping she will be doing on the two days before Christmas.



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