The Punisher Season 2 (NO SPOILERS!) #TVShows #ThePunisher #ThePunisherS2 #FrankCastle #Netflix

OMG! It feels like ages since I’ve been able to blog! Even now. I don’t really have time to be doing this, but I feel deprived. Life is just so crazy busy at the moment. I know I keep saying that but it’s true, and the only thing I have time for is TV after my daughter goes to sleep. I’m too exhausted for anything else. I’m not even reading– GASP! Shameful I know.

The worst part, I’ve been watching horrible TV! Bad movies, The Yummy Mummies of Melbourne, Marie Kondo, and Riverdale. Yes Riverdale officially qualifies as bad TV. I really enjoyed season 1 but now it’s just ridiculous! But that’s a whole post on its own.

You know what’s not bad TV? The Punisher! And thank God for that!


I’ll say it again if I haven’t already, I LOVE Jon Bernthal in this role! He is Frank Castle! I couldn’t stand the guy in TWD, but in this show I couldn’t imagine anyone else. The first season blew me away (no pun intended), and I am not surprised that it’s one of the few Marvel shows that escaped the axe.

Since I am watching this one with Hubby, I can’t binge as much as I’d like. Just a few episodes here and there. But I have seen most of season 2 and I am really enjoying it! My husband has a few issues with some of the more psychological aspects of the show, as he just wants to get on with the action, but I like it. It adds a dimension of realism to the show, and that increases the overall appeal. At least for me it does.


Quite a few new characters this season. A new villain who is as lethal as he is creepy, which is saying a lot, and of course the return of Castle’s nemesis, Billy Russo.

Defying incredible odds, Russo survives Frank’s savage retaliation, much to everyone’s shock and horror, especially Revah’s. Not only does he survive, he makes a much better recovery than anyone could have anticipated. Too good a recovery if you ask me. How can he be Jigsaw if he is still a pretty boy with a few scars? That is probably the only complaint I have about this season.

Still, season 2 has proven to be just as bloody, and just as entertaining as the first, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What about you guys? Thoughts?



8 thoughts on “The Punisher Season 2 (NO SPOILERS!) #TVShows #ThePunisher #ThePunisherS2 #FrankCastle #Netflix

  1. I’ve been too nervous to watch this! Like you, I thought the first season was brilliant and I can’t imagine anyone else playing Frank Castle other than Jon Bernthal. He’s perfect. I found the first season to be a powerful meditation on how we treat our vets, dealing with PTSD, and it had a twisting plot filled with rich, layered characters (yay for more Karen Page!). But, if I’m being honest, the brutal violence was too much for me – the finale especially was difficult for me to watch. In fact, I couldn’t binge the show because, emotionally, I needed time to regroup between episodes. I kind of hoped it would be a one-off. With Season Two, I’ve kept my distance…intrigued but also nervous the violence and brutality would just be ramped up for the second go round and unsure if I could handle it.

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    1. Wow! Yes I completely agree so I have to warn you, as wonderful as season 2 is, it is incredibly bloody and violent. Perhaps more than the first season. That said, I’m loving the construction of “Jigsaw’s” persona, and like season 1, the PTSD angle is still there but no it is more an exaggerated depiction of the horrible direction a vet’s life can go, addiction, violence, etc… Jon Bernthal is AMAZING and I am constantly aware of how much I disliked him on TWD but now… well it just goes to show what happens when an actor gets the perfect role.

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      1. I agree. I hated him on TWD too! But I guess that was a testament to how well he played that role too as I don’t think we were supposed to like Shane. But seeing him as a sympathetic character, albeit an aggressively violent one, shows his range and the power of her performance all the more. Thank you for the warning about Season Two too…I think I’ll experience it vicariously through your post and steer clear myself.

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