Happy 3rd Blogiversary to Reads & Reels!!! #Bookblogger #Blog


How exciting!!!! Reads & Reels celebrates its 3rd birthday, or blogiversary if you prefer, and I just can’t believe it!

Wow, what a ride it’s been! My little blog has grown by leaps and bounds since I started it. I remember the first year as being really tough. I loved what I was doing and I was so happy to be sharing my passion, but for the first several months I had maybe 1 follower and it was my husband lol. Okay, it wasn’t that bad but not too far off. I loved what I was doing but man, it was tough at the beginning. I was such a noob!

Here are my stats for that first year:

3,400 Total Views

1,600 Visitors



Ouch! But you know what? The second half of that year got better and better and I learned so much!ย  More importantly, I gained so many amazing friends in our wonderful community! Year 2 was so much better, it really makes me wonder “How bad a blogger was I?” lol!

Year 2 Stats:


14,000 Visitors



Crazy right?

Now my little blog isn’t so little and though I don’t get to post as often as I like these days, I still love it, and can’t imagine not doing it. Reads & Reels has grown so much! Currently, I have had over 75,000 visitors to my blog and am blessed to have well over 5,000 followers, with nearly 1,700 being WP readers. There are definitely ups and downs, and yes “I know it’s not about the numbers” but it’s hard not to follow the ebb and flow and get concerned every now and then. What I have learned however, is that the ups and downs are all a part of blogging, and that I can’t take it personally if things slow down for a bit.


Honestly, my favourite part about blogging is you guys! I love chatting with everyone and sharing each other’s work. So thank you! Thank you a million times over!

I’ll end this with a link to my very first blog post, as embarrassing as it is!

First Post EVER!




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