☘St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag: Tag You’re It☘ #StPatricksDay #BookTags #BookLovers

What kind of Irish bibliophile would I be, if I didn’t do this tag? Besides it was really fun!

This tag was created by Taylor @ Bookaflix Taylor’s Youtube channel and I discovered it through Book Adventures which is really awesome blog that you need to check out!

St. Patrick’s Day- Your Favourite Green Book


Well I don’t know if it’s my favourite of all time but it is the one that first popped into my head.

Corned Beef & Cabbage- A Book That Made You Hungry


Without a doubt, this one! I am a chocaholic and I am proud of it. Not only did I love the book, but I also loved the film adaptation. Such a magical story.

Four Leaf Clover- A Book or Item that was a Rare, Good Luck Find


I don’t know how rare it is but I did stumble across this one by accident at my local library and thanks to this lucky discovery, I fell in love with Marian Keyes’ beloved, dysfunctional Walsh family. Bonus: They’re Irish!

Irish Whiskey- A Book So Bad, You Need a Drink to Get Over It


I don’t care how popular it is, or how hot and bothered it made me, the writing is mediocre at best and the plot was ridiculous.

Irish Dancing- A book So Good, it Made You Want to Dance in Excitement


Always! No matter how many times I read it. Also, my Beau used it to propose. Yes, he cut a hole in a book but he filled it with love and a giant, diamond solitaire, so I forgive him. (Btw, Look at this cover! I just found it.)

Ireland- A Book that Made You Want to Travel to Another Country


Any book that takes place in Ireland makes me wistful but I have always wanted to visit the sun bleached Greek Islands. So, when Lena travels to Caldera in Santorini, I get itchy feet for sure.

The Pub- A Meeting Place in a Book You Would Love to Go to


I know it is a bit grand, but The Great Hall in Hogwarts. It’s the most amazing, magical place and it changes with the seasons. Enough said!

This was a really fun tag and I nominate anyone who wants to do it. Now if you’ll excuse me, this lass has a full Irish fry-up to eat and green beer to drink 😉

St. Patrick's Day- Book Tag



8 thoughts on “☘St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag: Tag You’re It☘ #StPatricksDay #BookTags #BookLovers

  1. Thank you for saying Fifty Shades was poorly written. I have refused to read even a single word of it because anyone I know who is a half way decent writer has said it’s badly written. I hate that it achieved such success just because it was about sex.

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  2. I HATED Fifty Shades and only got 1/3 of the way through it before putting it down in disgust. I don’t mind a sexy read, but the whole plot was distasteful in addition to being poorly written.

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