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Wow! Totally took me by surprise, but in a good way!

Collection of the Negatives (Release Date: January 11th, 2019)

FACT: 15% of the world’s population is Rh-negative and the origin of their blood is debated.

In a world with skyrocketing inflation and unemployment, blood has become the new commodity, and the rarer your blood type, the more it’s worth.

After losing her job and watching her savings dwindle, Liri is persuaded by a resourceful friend to sell her blood to ABO Blood Group, where she learns she is O Negative, the most valuable and sought after blood.

Unable to afford living in New York City, Liri reluctantly decides to move back home and live with her parents, but her plan is interrupted when a virus is maliciously unleashed onto the island of Manhattan, resulting in a citywide quarantine. Before being able to devise an alternative plan, she is secretly informed of a covert mission by ABO to evacuate Negatives out of NYC. Although reluctant to trust them, it’s her only viable choice to escape, but unbeknown to Liri, she and the Negatives are vital to activating opposing agendas on Earth and beyond.

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My Thoughts…

I’m not sure what I expected going into this book. The plot sounded very intriguing and the hook did it’s job, but aside from that, I had no pre-conceived ideas about where this story would take me. I certainly did not expect THAT ending, and I was both surprised and thrilled!

Perhaps, it’s Violet’s writing style or her incredible skill at crafting a story, but I was hooked by the first paragraph. This story just grabs you by the teeth and I promise, it does not let go till the last word. In addition to all the unknown and mysterious elements in the story, you know the stuff that you just HAVE to find out, or risk losing sleep, you won’t be able to put it down because the story just flows really well. In fact, I would find myself so deeply immersed in the story, that I would lose time.

This is the first book in what will surely be a wonderful series, and though it is a fantastic read, it barely scratches the surface. It will be a painful wait for the next installment that’s for sure. Now that I have an idea of what is coming next, the anticipation is killing me.

Collection of the Negatives is truly riveting, with fantastic writing, interesting characters, and a unique plot. I can’t recommend it enough!

Rating… A+


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