Binge Worthy Shows: The Society on Netflix! #Dystopian #Teens #Netflix



I was going to do a post about a few different shows, but the one I just finished and binged in 3 days is so enthralling, it deserves its own post!

Ooh TV is so great on Netflix these days! I know many subscribers are feeling a little salty about the rate hike, and losing a lot of its library to Disney, but honestly guys, there are so many original shows and movies to choose from.

Lately I have binged the following; Sabrina Season 2 (AMAZING), Lucifer (we’re totally getting a season 5, and most recently, the dystopian teen drama, The Society. I also finished what we now know is the last season of Santa Clarita Diet, but I am too bitter to discuss its cancellation and horrible cliffhanger.

The Society

Busloads of Connecticut high school students head off for an extended camping trip, but a storm forces them to return home. Upon their return, the teens realize that all of the town’s adults are gone.

In this modern take on “Lord of the Flies.” Their newfound freedom is fun at first, but it quickly becomes dangerous. While they struggle to figure out what has happened to them and how to get the town back to normal, the teens must establish order and form alliances in order to survive.


When I was a kid, one of my favourite books was Lord of the Flies and I liked the movie too. When the first season of The Society dropped earlier this week, the premise hooked me right away. The creator has said the show is a loose adaptation of Lord of the Flies, and it is, but it’s also a lot like one of my favourite YA Dystopian book series, GONE by Michael Grant.

I should also say that though this show is about teens, it is not for a YA audience. The content is very mature and there is a lot of sex, violence, and underaged… well everything. For adults, that’s what makes it so good, but if you have impressionable youth at home, consider this a warning.

Back to the show though. It’s positively riveting! The cast is made up of virtually all unknowns and yet their skill level is impressive. Additionally, the writing is pretty good as well. There a few tropes here and there but not as many as you’d think and I appreciate that so much. My husband thinks I love all teen drama but that’s not the case. There are only a few shows that I’ve really loved, and this one has potential to make the list.

While there are obvious influences, you’ll find that the show has its own unique personality. If you are looking for something to watch this weekend, I highly recommend you give The Society a shot.



19 thoughts on “Binge Worthy Shows: The Society on Netflix! #Dystopian #Teens #Netflix

  1. This was perfect! Actually, I was looking for a dystopian movie, as everything young adult which I have been watching, is to calm and not that exciting. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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  2. I finished The Society a couple of days ago and am obsessed! I have so many theories bouncing around in my head. I really hope they renew it for a second season so I can find out what is actually happening

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