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Hope is a gripping and terrifying glimpse into a dystopian future that could very well happen! 

Hope (Publication Date: May 24th, 2019) 

‘We haven’t elected a Prime Minister, we’ve elected a lifestyle’.

As the fourth decade of the 21st century looms, new PM Guy Morrissey and his fitness guru wife Mona (hashtag MoMo) are hailed as the motivational couple to get the UK #FitForWork, with Mona promising to ‘change the BMI of the nation’.

Lita Stone is an influential blogger and social media addict, who watches as Guy and Mona’s policies become increasingly ruthless. Unemployment and homelessness are out of control. The solution? Vast new compounds all over the country, to house those who can no longer afford to keep a roof over their heads.

These are the Hope Villages, financed by US corporation Nutricorp.

Lita and her flatmates Nick and Kendall feel safe in their cosy cyberspace world. Unaware of how swiftly bad luck can snowball, they suspect little of the danger that awaits the unfortunate, behind the carefully constructed mirage of Hope.

Terry Tyler’s nineteenth published work is a psychological thriller that weaves through the darker side of online life, as the gap between the haves and the have-nots grows ever wider. Whether or not it will mirror a dystopian future that awaits us, we will have to wait and see.

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My Thoughts…

This latest offering from multi-genre author, Terry Tyler, was not at all what I was expecting. When you hear Dystopian a whole list of typical tropes usually pop into one’s head, and though I love the genre, that’s what I expected.

Wow! I couldn’t have been more suprised! Yes it is Dystopian, but it takes place in the very near future. What makes it so special, is how very NOW it feels. It’s incredibly relevant and very topical, which makes it scary as Hell!

Honestly, this could all happen tomorrow and I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s how good the author is! Her finger was firmly on the pulse of society when she was writing this, and it lends a layer of realism to the story that will make your skin crawl.

The plot and characters were intriguing and captivating. I myself indentified strongly with the protagonist Lita, which enriched my reading experience even more. I loved that despite this being a fictional tale, it still carries an important message and strong ethical, political, and social commentary.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it rates an easy 5 stars from me. Do yourself a favor, and add this to you reading list. You will not regret it!

Rating… A+


Terry Tyler

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11 thoughts on “Book Review: Hope by Terry Tyler @TerryTyler4 #Review #BookBlogger #Dystopian #Thriller

      1. Terry Tyler

        I don’t think it is, Shannon – please see comment above!
        Thank you SO much for this! A lovely suprise in my notifications this morning! x

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    1. Terry Tyler

      Shalini, I actually don’t think it is that long – sometimes Amazon gets it wrong! It’s only around 100k words, which isn’t unusual for a novel – it’s on the long side of average length.
      it can depend simply on the font size it’s published in – daft, huh? Anyway, thanks for your interest!

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