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Don’t you just love Didi Oviatt’s books? I know I do! Sketch is no exception, and what really makes it special, is that it originally was a short story. Didi’s very first short story, but she masterfully recreated it into a suspenseful, gory, and riveting thriller!

Sketch (Publication Date: June 2, 2019)

When local girl Misty is found dead in an underground bunker, the town is thrown into a whirlwind of panic and speculation. Times are tough, but the spaced-out farmer community pull together as one, trying to uncover who’s guilty.

Thrown smack in the middle of the chaos is a group of teens: local troublemakers, but with good hearts. Although they’re innocent, the local law enforcers believe otherwise, and the true killer is lurking far too close for comfort.

Will the four be able to uncover the truth before one of them pays the price for Misty’s death?

Warning: This is MATURE Young adult due to violent and graphic content

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My Thoughts…

This is a quick but thrilling read!

It takes place during the Great Depression era, and law enforcement were as unlawful as the criminals they apprehended. A time where the “term serial killer” probably didn’t get used very often and certainly not in small, rural towns like this one.

The main characters are a group of teens, two of them brothers with a rep for being rough around the edges, but still decent at heart. When a local girl goes missing, naturally one of these brothers is accused of taking her.

Local law enforcement pull these boys in without any proof to speak, of and hold them until their good friend actually finds evidence. A blood trail into the woods, close to where Misty was last seen.

This is where I warn you that this is mature YA! The nature of the story and the graphic scenes that unfold next, are definitely not for anyone under 18. I, on the other-hand, loved it! Who doesn’t love a gruesome serial killer?

There were only a few little things that didn’t coincide with the time period that bugged me a bit, but overall, this book was a keep a light on, toe-curling good time. Tons of suspense, and a ruthless killer made this a 5 star read for me.

If you’re looking for a short but intense read, this is it!

Rating… A

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