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Welcome back Theresa! We’ve missed you, and we’ve missed your insightful reviews!

The Cure by J.G. Faherty

She was born with the power to cure. Now she’s developed the power to kill. Leah DeGarmo has the power to cure with just a touch. But with her gift comes a dark side: Whatever she takes in she has to pass on, or suffer it herself.

Now a sadistic criminal has discovered what she can do and he’ll stop at nothing to control her. He makes a mistake, though, when he kills the man she loves, triggering a rage inside her that releases a new power she didn’t know she had: the ability to kill.

Transformed into a demon of retribution, Leah resurrects her lover and embarks on a mission to destroy her enemies. The only question is, does she control her power or does it control her?

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My Thoughts

If you are up for a relentless thrill-ride, buckle up when opening this book. Faherty wastes no time getting us in the thick of the action. And, we’re ready to care about DeGarmo, who has a soft spot for animals and wants to save as many of them as she can. We get the sense that her moral compass is working overtime, which is why she has isolated herself from most people. She knows she needs to guard her special powers because they have the potential to make her life uber-drama-filled. Which is exactly what happens when she saves a cop (John) at a local fast-food restaurant. Her secret is out, and soon every bad guy in town wants a piece of her supernatural abilities. It’s also when DeGarmo’s moral compass is tested to its limits. From there, it’s one bumpy ride after another—the point in which to grab that seat-belt.

What works in this novel? The pacing and the descriptions, especially when DeGarmo uses her abilities. Faherty ups the ante throughout as she discovers what she’s really capable of. Her transformations are gloriously disturbing and the carnage she wreaks is on epic levels. For me, these are the shining moments in the book. Everything is so crisp and clear—so skillfully depicted. I also enjoyed the moral ambiguity of the story. Not everything is black and white, or merely life and death. All those lines get wonderfully fuzzy.

My only critique is that the number of kidnappings feels excessive. And poor John. I won’t spoil anything here, but damn. He really hangs in there, which proves he must have a deep, authentic love for DeGarmo. I have to suspend my disbelief in regards to their relationship, which I’m willing to do.

The ending? I personally didn’t expect it and was actually hoping for a different outcome, but that doesn’t really bother me one bit. And, there are loose ends that leave things open for a sequel, one I hope gets written. I’d really love to see more of a background/explanation for the origin of DeGarmo’s powers. Hint, hint, Faherty…

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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