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Slasher Crasher (Expected Publication Date: August 22nd, 2019)

It was the night HE tried to go home…but got caught in THEIR drama…

It’s Halloween. Nick Roesch, a towering figure of evil and stupidity, escapes from the upstate New York mental hospital he’s been committed to for the past five years. Planning to return to his childhood home, where he brutally murdered his babysitter’s boyfriend, his plans are halted when he crosses paths with an even more terrifying beast—two high school friends with some serious beef. Caught in a battle of loyalty that has been brewing for ten years of their friendship, the two girls, Kathleen Strife and Betsy Coleman, force the feud into a savage showdown, pitting the escaped monster against each other. Who will survive this epic death-match, and is it totally wrong to fall in love with the murderous lunatic who just tried to kill your ex-best friend with a machete?

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My Thoughts…

Slasher Crasher is like reading a screenplay for a really gory, trope-ridden slasher flick from the 80’s, and I mean that in a good way!

While poking fun at all the horror movies they’ve ever seen, these characters find themselves living in one. Not just that, they are starring in it and fighting over who’s to be the “Final Girl” or “Final Gay” in the case of one of the friends.

This book features lots of gore, bad language, teens with questionable intelligence, and of course, a serial killer who rivals Michael Myers – well at least in appearance.

This book is not for everybody. There are loads of things that would offend a more sensitive individual. That said, if you understand where the author gets his inspiration from then you will totally get it. Being a fan of most horror and growing up with the Halloween and Friday the 13th movies, puts me firmly in the camp of readers who “get it”, so I found it very entertaining.

A solid debut, and a bloody good time!

Rating… B or 3.5 Stars


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